Our Story

Our Team of Experts

Learning Links has highly trained, experienced and committed professionals who support children with diverse additional needs to participate confidently in their community.

Our professionals work together to ensure children and their families have access to the most appropriate advice and support for their needs.

Our client service teams across education, therapy, psychology and preschool are lead by:

Glossary of Terms

Early Special Educators: Work in partnership with families to develop individualised programs to support the strengths, abilities and learning needs of children with a developmental delay and or disability.

Early Childhood Teachers: Teachers and early childhood educators work in partnership with families to develop individualised play based programs to support children to develop skills, knowledge and positive dispositions for lifelong learning across all areas of development.

Psychologists: Psychologists work in partnership with families to support and address concerns with behaviour, mental health issues, educational and emotional difficulties. Psychologists at Learning Links assist children, young people and their families in aspects of behaviour and the thoughts, feelings and motivation underlying behaviour which may affect learning.

Occupational Therapists: Support children and young people to achieve developmental milestones including fine motor skills, hand-eye co-ordination, gross motor skills and organisational skills.

Speech Pathologists: Assist children and young people to develop communication skills including speech, language, hearing, speaking and gestures.

Education Specialists: Are teachers working with children and young people to learn skills in english and maths, including reading, spelling, writing, numerical operations and problem solving.

Our professionals take a multidisciplinary approach to working with children and families. A multidisciplinary approach refers to a team of professionals from different disciplines each providing specific services for the child and family to meet their needs.