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Learning Links is committed to receiving feedback from clients, members of the public, professionals and agencies as a means of promoting continuous service improvement.

Guiding principles

We follow these guiding principles to manage your complaint:

  • We recognise and value your right to provide feedback or raise a complaint.
  • We are committed to working with you in a respectful way to resolve your complaint.
  • We provide you with support and assistance as required during the process of managing your complaint.
  • We acknowledge and respond to complaints promptly.
  • We work with you to understand your feedback and expectations.
  • We work with you to gain information to help resolve the complaint.
  • We keep you informed if your complaint is complex and needs time to be resolved.
  • We advise you in writing of the outcome of your complaint.
  • We make changes to our systems in response to your complaint as required.
  • We respect your right to privacy.

Raising a complaint

You can provide feedback or raise a complaint with us the following ways:

  • In person with a Learning Links staff member
  • Email:
  • Phone Learning Links on 1300 003 900
  • Web: via the form below
  • Obtaining a Feedback Form from the Customer Support Representative at a Learning Links location.

Complaints lodged by parents/ carers/ professionals regarding a NDIS participant can be lodged with the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission by contacting the Commission: 1800 035 544.

Monitoring and managing risk

To ensure risks are accurately monitored and addressed, there are systems and processes in place at Learning Links:

  • We monitor risk on a continuous basis.
  • We investigate risks that are reported.
  • We require our staff to identify potential or real risks.
  • We inform our Board of potential or real risks.
  • We value your feedback and respond to risks you identify.

A full copy of Learning Links’ Feedback Policy can be obtained on request. Please inform any of our staff if you require this.

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