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Learning Links’ team of education specialists, psychologists and speech pathologists work alongside teachers and support staff to complement your school’s strategic plan and provide targeted programs for children who find learning difficult, or those who need some extra guidance in specific areas.

Through streamlined and open communication, we help reduce administrative demands on your school by providing a central contact for your teachers, parents and administrative staff for the multiple services we can provide.

Through our school support programs, our goal is to empower student learning, communication, social skills and wellbeing – particularly for those who may not otherwise have access to vital services. We also build the capacity of teachers to feel equipped and confident with the right strategies to use in the classroom.

Our School Support Programs

Our Psychology in Schools Program aims to empower students with the skills and strategies they need to build confidence in life and learning, expand their social skills and enhance their ability to cope with challenging situations.

Learning Links’ psychologists work collaboratively with teachers to identify students who may be at risk of experiencing difficulties with mental health, self-esteem, building friendships and managing their emotions or behaviour. Our team then works with these students to address barriers to their learning with a focus on educational achievement, resilience and future outcomes.

Our flexible psychology program includes:

  • Small group or individual counselling support using evidence-based strategies
  • Structured small group programs tailored to specific skill areas, such as interacting with others and making friends
  • Observation of behaviour in class with feedback and recommendations for teachers
  • Teacher consultation and support
  • Parent support

The Psychology in Schools support program can be paid for by the school, or we may be able to apply for funding opportunities in your community.

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Psychologist holding up emotions images while child points at smiling face

Our Speech Therapy in Schools Program aims to help children who have communication challenges to build the foundation speech and language skills they need to meaningfully communicate and interact with others. Many of the children we work with in schools may not otherwise access this type of support, which can have a lifelong impact on their learning and confidence.

Learning Links’ speech pathologists work collaboratively with teachers to identify students who are having difficulties with speech sounds, expressing themselves and understanding what others are saying.

Our tailored speech and language program includes:

  • Screening of students’ speech and language skills
  • Observation of students in class with feedback and recommendations for teachers
  • Small group or individual therapy support using evidence-based strategies and interventions
  • Teacher consultation, team-teaching opportunities, demonstrations and support
  • Parent support

The Speech Therapy in Schools support program can be paid for by the school, or we may be able to apply for funding opportunities in your community.

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Speech therapist teaching letter pronunciation to a young boy

Our Education in Schools Program can complement your existing learning support programs by using our tailored, evidence-based interventions and teaching strategies for foundation literacy and numeracy skills.

Our targeted Educational Support Program includes:

  • Initial screening assessments to identify gaps in learning and starting points for learning interventions
  • Individual or group learning programs that build on prior success
  • Interactive learning activities that use hands-on materials and technological support
  • Parent consultation and support
  • Regular progress reports for parents and schools

The Education in Schools support program can be paid for by the school, or we may be able to apply for funding opportunities in your community.

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Aboriginal student playing blocks for maths activity

Our Reading for Life® and Counting for Life® and structured, evidence-based programs that were developed by a Learning Links teacher, psychologist and speech pathologist. These programs are fully funded by community partners to enable Learning Links to offer them to schools free of charge.

The programs run over 10-15 weeks and equip children who are facing challenges with their learning the opportunity to build foundation literacy and/or numeracy skills, increased self-esteem and confidence in their learning.

After receiving comprehensive training and resources from Learning Links, the programs are delivered by School Learning Support Officers or parent/community volunteers identified by the school.

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Teacher helping student with writing task
Child having psychology assessment with psychologist


If you have identified a group of students who have difficulties with their learning, our dedicated team of psychologists can visit your school to provide in-school assessments.

An assessment can help to identify student’s learning strengths and needs, diagnose specific conditions that may effect their learning, identify appropriate support strategies or interventions and inform the development of Individualised Learning Plans.

After every assessment, our professionals provide tailored, practical recommendations that can help you understand how to support that student.

What Schools Say About Our Programs

The program has benefited the school by building teacher knowledge in delivering speech interventions that are much needed with the school population. The partnership has had an extraordinary impact on students, staff and the local community.

From the initial contact with us, through to delivering the program to students, we were very impressed with the program and have found it incredibly beneficial for our school community.

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