15% of Australian children have a learning difficulty. That’s around four kids in every classroom.

Right now in Australia, not all families of children with a learning difficulty have the means to access the support they need and deserve. With generous help from the community, more children can benefit from highly qualified educators, therapists and psychologists, who provide both one-to-one and group support that empower them to grow, learn and thrive.

We believe every child deserves the very best opportunity to learn and live a full, rich life, unlimited by circumstance.

By donating to Learning Links, you will allow us to help more children with learning difficulties and their families by providing the services they need to reach their full potential.

Play-based activities


can buy play-based activities to develop the skills children need to learn, play and communicate with friends

Ed Support


can help a child learn to read, write and count in a tailored support session with an education specialist

Speech Therapy


can cover a one-to-one speech session, to help a child express themselves with confidence

Psychology 2


can empower a child to make friends and understand their feelings through a Learning Links psychology session

School Support 2


can provide a full day of professional support at a school to plan and implement strategies for a more inclusive and encouraging learning environment

Donations over $2.00 are tax deductible.

Thank you for donating to Learning Links.