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Learning Links’ ‘Impact for Kids’ 2020-2023 Strategic Roadmap focuses on achieving measurable educational and wellbeing outcomes at scale for children aged 2-16 through expansion of our services in NSW and across Australia using innovation and digital technology to address unmet community need supported by policy advocacy to drive systemic change.

It is underpinned by a strong commitment to maintaining a positive organisational culture of excellence and collaboration to deliver outcomes for children and families.

Replicating for Impact

Playing a greater role in many more communities across NSW and Australia, especially in disadvantaged communities, is key to this strategic pillar. It is aimed at increasing the number of children Learning Links can reach with evidence-based face to face interventions. To help fund this important work, a new enhanced fundraising strategy will be developed that harnesses the generosity of individuals, businesses and agencies.

Early Intervention

Learning Links has deep experience and expert capabilities in early intervention and inclusion. We will look to further deploy these via expansion of our professional learning and playgroup services to reach many more families and children via blended channels.

Innovating through new programs

Focussed on innovation to launch new evidence-based programs to children, teachers and families via online and blended channels. It includes a strong maths focus to meet a significant community need as maths often is a significant challenge for children, parents and teachers alike.

Advocating for Impact

Playing an active role in building effective sector collaboration and supporting government by using our extensive experience, is a key strategic objective.  We will help to improve policy outcomes and promote better resource allocation in the education system to ensure children affected by learning difficulties and disabilities can learn and thrive to their full potential.

Capacity building and investment in people and culture

This cross-pillar initiative aims to build optimal organisational capabilities to enable effective strategy delivery and build the learning and development curriculum and programs that will make Learning Links an employer of choice especially for professionals working in the education and allied health space. This will also help to build sector capability.

Expansion into digital as enabler for success

Learning Links will undergo digital transformation across all areas of the business to achieve innovation, productivity, efficiency and customer outcomes and develop the organisational capabilities that will enable us to fully harness the benefits of digital technologies to achieve our strategic goals.