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Whether it’s running a half-marathon, channelling your inner baker, hosting a BBQ or asking for a donation in lieu of gifts, it’s easy to get your friends and family involved to help empower children to learn, develop and thrive.

Generous donations from the community are so important in helping Learning Links to provide the opportunities that children need, particularly those facing disadvantage. There is little financial assistance available to support children with learning difficulties, and many families simply don’t have the means to access the specialist education, speech therapy or psychology services they need to build vital skills, confidence and belief in themselves.

Raising funds for Learning Links with your friends, family and colleagues will contribute to our Disadvantaged Kids Opportunity Fund. This special pot of money is used to empower children with learning difficulties, who come from disadvantaged families, with life-changing access to free or subsided support services that can set them up for a bright, happy and successful future. 

Thank you for making a difference!

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Fundraising Ideas

There are so many different ways that you can fundraise for Learning Links. Simply set up an online fundraising page, share your story and get those around you involved in supporting our mission to provide the best possible support for children with learning difficulties.

How to Create a Successful Online Fundraiser

Set a goal (but don’t be shy)

Your supporters will be excited by contributing to a goal! If you are getting close to reaching it, excite your donors by sharing the updates and give them reason to hit the target.

Donate to your own fundraiser!

Show your supporters you want this to be successful by leading the way and donating to yourself – then move on to encouraging others to do the same.

Set a timeline

Fun runs have an end date, but if you’re raising funds in lieu of gifts for your birthday or holding an event, make sure there is an end date. Keep your family and friends aware of the time limit to pledge their support and provide some extra motivation to give before you reach the deadline.

Tell your story

Tell your donors why Learning Links is your charity of choice and why it means so much to you. This will ensure your donors understand that this is a cause close to your heart and want to give.

Get social

Think of all the ways you can share your fundraising page and your goal to help to children in need – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, emails, posters, radio, local media. See below for what donations will contribute towards to help people visualise the amazing difference they can make.

Thanking your supporters

Be sure to share your success on your social media by thanking donors – which will also encourage others to donate!

We would also like to share your fundraising successes with our community, so be sure to email with any updates or photos.

You can also get in touch if you need a helping hand or would like to find out more about what your amazing efforts can help achieve.

How Donations Make a Difference

$25 Donation$47 Donation$86 Donation$185 Donation$650 Donation

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