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Online Speech Therapy and Telehealth Services

Learning Links offers speech therapy for kids across Sydney. Our paediatric speech pathologists work with kids to help them to build the skills needed to express themselves and communicate with confidence. At Learning Links, we understand that every child is unique, with different strengths, needs and aspirations, and that each family has their own challenges and goals. Our speech therapists tailor the best possible program to support your child’s speech and language development.

Speech and language therapy can help support and enhance a child’s ability to use their speech and language communication skills to learn and addresses a range of challenges and milestones, including:

  • Speech sound delays and disorders
  • Language delays and disorders
    • Receptive language (understanding)
    • Expressive language (talking and expressing ideas)
    • Social language skills used in daily interactions with friends, family and community (pragmatic)
  • Foundational literacy skills – phonological and phonemic awareness
    • letter/sound links
    • hearing individual sounds in words
    • blending and segmenting sounds for reading and spelling
  • Stuttering and fluency

Speech Therapy Assessments

A comprehensive assessment is an important first step in understanding a child’s communication strengths and needs. The assessment allows our speech pathologists to tailor appropriate intervention best suited to the child’s learning style and enables them to provide useful strategies for the home and classroom. Areas assessed include: receptive and expressive language, pragmatic skills, speech sounds, early literacy skills, fluency and voice.

From time to time, our speech pathologists may deliver free screening tests at select Learning Links centres across Sydney to provide a quick and effective way of identifying preschool aged children who may be at risk of language disorders. Screening tests are subject to availability. Find out more here >

Our Speech Therapy Sessions

Our speech and language therapists use evidence-based activities, programs and exercises to help children build their speaking abilities and communication skills. Every child is different, so our therapists adapt each program to best suit the individual needs of the child and help them reach their goals. 

Individual speech and language therapy sessions are provided in 30- and 45-minute sessions at our centres in Alexandria, Bella Vista, Gledswood Hills, Liverpool and Peakhurst, and online over Zoom.

Our speech therapy sessions vary depending on your child’s age, goals and skills they are working on. In a typical therapy session, the speech therapist will:

  • speak to you about goals and progress since the previous week
  • have 3-4 activities planned to target your child’s communication goals. Activities are based on having teaching opportunities, lots of practice, and giving feedback to your child to support their progress
  • ask you to follow up on some of the activities at home – very often repetition is really useful and helps them to generalise their learning outside the clinic room.

Download our Speech Therapy brochure

NDIS Speech Therapy Services

Learning Links’ Speech Pathologists provide interventions to support children’s NDIS communication goals.

Learning Links offers weekly 60-minute weekly speech therapy sessions for children with NDIS funding. NDIS sessions can be conducted at our Bella Vista Learning Centre or online via Zoom.

Download our NDIS Speech Therapy flyer >

To book an NDIS speech therapy session, email

Online Speech Therapy and Telehealth Services

Learning Links’ team of professionals are now offering telehealth speech therapy sessions via video, to allow families to access support for their child’s speech and language development from the comfort of your home.

Online speech therapy sessions are as effective as face-to-face intervention and can offer a range of benefits, including:

  • A flexible and convenient way for your child to receive continued support, without the need for travel
  • A familiar and comfortable environment for your child to build a strong relationship with their speech pathologists
  • Opportunities for the speech pathologist to use your child’s interests to engage them in sessions
  • Different ways for parents to be more involved and gain strategies for providing support in the home

Learning Links is using the Zoom video platform to deliver online speech therapy sessions. Once your booking is confirmed, our team will email a unique Zoom link to access each session.

Speech Therapy in Schools Settings

Learning Links provides speech therapy in schools at an individual or whole school level, with their permission.

Individual sessions are available at schools where there are 5 or more children accessing one-on-one sessions with a Speech Pathologist.

Whole school programs are also available. Our Speech Pathologists work with school staff to identify and support students, groups of students, and school staff, to ensure that students with communication difficulties or challenges are able to access assessment, intervention and support to realise their full potential. Many of our Speech Pathologists in schools work closely and collaboratively with teaching staff to identify areas across class and year groups – for example training teachers to identify speech disorders, supporting vocabulary skills in Kindergarten, helping teachers to adapt their verbal language for children with receptive difficulties, supporting, building oral expression skills for writing. Read More here >

Health Funds and Government Initiatives

Learning Links is a registered NDIS provider and families are able to use NDIS funds (‘improved daily living’) to access assessment and intervention in line with their NDIS plan goals.

Families with private health funds may be able to claim a rebate for Speech Pathology services – please speak to your provider for more information.

Families can speak to their GP about accessing Medicare rebates for up to five sessions per calendar year, under the Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally EPC). Bulk-billed face-to-face sessions are available at select Learning Centres, subject to availability.

Accessing our Speech Therapy Services

Face-to-face sessions: Face-to-face speech therapy services are available at our Learning Centres across Sydney in Alexandria, Bella Vista, Gledswood Hills, Liverpool and Peakhurst. Our speech pathologists may also provide therapy from local schools.

Online Sessions: Our team of experienced speech pathologists can deliver online telehealth speech therapy sessions via video from the comfort of home.

Days of Operation:  Monday to Saturday.

Call us on 1300 003 900  or click on the button below to enquire.