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Learning Links’ child psychology team is dedicated to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of children and adolescents, to ensure they have the best possible opportunities to learn and thrive – regardless of their circumstance.

We understand that taking the first step to seek support can sometimes be difficult. That’s why we work in close partnership with families, to truly understand each child’s needs, celebrate their strengths and see life from their perspective. 

Our goal is to empower children to gain the specific skills and strategies they need to build confidence, expand their social skills, and enhance their ability to cope with the challenges that life throws at us. 

Supporting Resilience and Wellbeing

Our child psychologists specialise in providing evidence-based psychological therapy support to empower children to build skills in a range of areas, including:

Managing anxiety

Coping with depression

Skills for socialising and making friends

Regulating emotions

Supporting positive behaviours

Supporting difficulties with learning

Strategies to support Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Coping with transitions

Navigating family changes like separation and divorce

Young child with disability in playground

Registered NDIS Provider

Learning Links is a registered NDIS provider in the support area of Improved Daily Living. Our psychology team is experienced in working in partnership with families to help children with complex needs.

A Tailored, Strengths-Based Approach to Child Psychology

We put the individual strengths, interests and needs of each child or adolescent at the centre of our practice. We work in partnership to set goals and develop a tailored program that utilises a number of evidence-based psychological therapies to help your child build the specific skills and strategies they need to reach them. These therapies may include:  

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) is an effective treatment strategy for a range of mental and emotional health challenges. The approach aims to help individuals identify and challenge unhelpful thoughts or feelings to learn practical self-help skills. 

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy

Solution-Focused Brief Therapy (SFBT) is an approach that places focus and importance on discussing solutions to deal with problems. 

Play Therapy 

Play Therapy is a creative technique where the child psychologist engages the child and encourages them to express, regulate, communicate, practice and master new skills and emotional responses through play. 

Our Range of Psychology Services

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I access psychological therapy sessions?

Face-to-face child psychology services are available at our Learning Centres in Alexandria, Bella Vista, Gledswood Hills, Liverpool and Peakhurst. 

Online video or phone telehealth sessions are also available – see below for more information. 

 Sessions are run  Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.00pm and Saturday 9.00am-5.00pm (times vary by location).

How much do child psychology sessions cost?

Counselling sessions with a registered psychologist are available for $214.00. A Medicare rebate of $93.35 may be available with a Mental Health Care Plan. This results in an out-of-pocket cost of $120.65 per session.

How long and often are psychological therapy sessions?

Depending on the needs and situation of your child and family, sessions with our child psychologists are offered on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis for 50 minutes. 

Can I use funding to access child psychology services?

You may be able to access child psychology services through support that is funded by the government, either fully or in part.

Learning Links is a registered NDIS provider in the support area of Improved Daily Living, which sits under ‘Capacity Building Supports’. Families are able to use their child’s NDIS Plan funding to access assessment and intervention in line with their goals.

Learning Links is also an approved partner under the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) pathway for children under 7 years. Children 0-7 years with a diagnosed disability or developmental delays in two or more areas can access NDIS through the ECEI pathway.

Families with private health funds may be able to claim a rebate for psychology services – please speak to your provider for more information.

Families can speak to their GP about accessing Medicare rebates through the Better Access initiative, through which individuals can receive up to 10 individual allied mental health sessions each year.

How do telehealth psychology sessions work?

Our psychologists offer psychological therapy sessions via video and phone, to ensure children facing challenges with their mental health and wellbeing can be supported from home. 

Online psychology sessions are as effective as face-to-face support and can offer a range of benefits, including: 

  • A flexible and convenient way for your child to receive continued support, without the need for travel 
  • A familiar and comfortable environment for your child to build a strong relationship with their psychologist 
  • Opportunities for the psychologist to use your child’s interests to engage them in sessions 
  • Different ways for parents to be more involved and gain strategies for providing support in the home 

Learning Links uses the Zoom video platform to deliver online sessions. Once your booking is confirmed, our team will email a unique Zoom link to access each session. Sessions can also be run over the phone if technology is unavailable or this method is preferred. 

Resources to Support Learning and Mental Health

Resources to Support Learning and Mental Health

We have a range of fact sheets, articles and videos to empower parents to gain the tools, strategies and confidence to understand, support and advocate for their child in the best possible way.

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