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In our specialist tutoring program, Learning Links’ specialist teachers are committed to building students’ literacy, numeracy and study skills to empower them in their learning throughout primary school and high school.   

We know that school can be very challenging for some children, particularly those with learning difficulties and disabilities. That’s why our teachers work collaboratively with families to discover each child’s unique interests and learning goals. 

Our purpose is to empower children and adolescents to build and maintain the skills, motivation and confidence that they need to reach their potential and succeed at school.

Supporting Foundational Skills for Learning

Our specialist tutors use evidence-based interventions and teaching strategies to support primary and high school children in a range of areas:

Literacy: reading, writing, spelling and comprehension

Numeracy: maths difficulties, working with numbers and worded problems

Learning difficulties and disabilities

Study skills and assignment strategies

Maintaining concentration

Planning, time management and organisation skills

The Benefits of Our Specialist Tutoring Program

 Qualified Tutors

  • Tertiary qualified and experienced teachers
  • Experience with a broad range of learning difficulties and disabilities

Proven and Measured Results

  • Pre- and post-testing 
  • Average gains of 10-15 months over an 8-month period

Mastery of Skills

  • Re-teach and model skills until your child is ready to move on
  • Weekly revision tasks

Our Tutoring Services

45 minutes – $75 | 60 minutes – $95

We offer one-to-one literacy tutoring online and in our centres across Sydney. Our experienced teachers use evidence-based strategies to provide children with specialised support with: 

  • Reading, writing, spelling and comprehension skills
  • Literacy-based learning difficulties such as Dyslexia
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Young girls looking at letters of alphabet on table with speech pathologist
45 minutes – $75 | 60 minutes – $95

We offer one-to-one numeracy tutoring online and in our centres across Sydney. Our experienced teachers use evidence-based strategies to provide children with specialised support with: 

  • Counting and problem-solving skills
  • Maths-based learning difficulties such as Dyscalculia
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Primary school student playing with number cut outs on desk

Our specialist teachers also offer one-on-one tutoring sessions via video, to ensure children who are unable to travel to one of our centres can be supported from home.

Online sessions offer the same tailored support as our face-to-face program, and have some additional benefits:

  • Some children can feel more comfortable learning in the home environment
  • No need to travel provides families with more flexibility
  • Online technology provides new, engaging and interactive ways to learn
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Tailored Programs for Learning Difficulties

Our qualified teachers use each child’s individual strengths, challenges and learning style to tailor an individualised tutoring program that will have the biggest impact on their literacy and numeracy development, and other areas of their learning where they may struggle.  

Our specialist tutoring program is made up of:

Observation and screening

The first step in every tutoring program is an assessment to identify your child’s strengths and the gaps in their understanding. Our teachers identify where your child begins to find learning difficult and start from there. 

Set goals

Our teachers set measurable goals, specific to your child’s needs that they can work towards throughout the program

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

A tailored program is developed, outlining how your child will achieve their goals. 

Support sessions

During our specialist tutoring sessions, our qualified teachers use clear language, worked examples and a structured approach to re-teach the skills your child is having difficulty with. We model skills and assist your child for as long as possible to ensure they master skills before moving on and to reduce the chance of incorrect learning. 

Our teachers use a range of teaching resources and strategies to support children to engage in their learning and experience success. In our classrooms, your child will have access to a variety of technologies including both computers and iPads, providing an opportunity to rehearse skills in a supportive and enjoyable way. Our aim is to make learning a rewarding experience for children by incorporating a variety of games to provide valuable opportunities for practice.

Review and post-testing

Students are reviewed to measure progress against their ILP and ensure they are mastering each skill before moving on. Revision is usually set each week to consolidate learning and assist your child in mastering literacy and numeracy skills.

Frequently Asked Questions

When and where can I access specialist tutoring sessions?

Face-to-face specialist tutoring is available at our Learning Centres in Alexandria, Bella Vista, Gledswood Hills, Liverpool and Peakhurst. 

Online video sessions are also available – see below for more information. 

 Sessions are run  Monday to Friday 8.30am-6.00pm and Saturday 9.00am-5.00pm (times vary by location).

How long are specialist tutoring sessions?

Sessions with our teachers are offered for 45 minutes or 60 minutes. It is recommended that children attend weekly to give them the best chance to make progress and keep up with their weekly school work.

How do you track my child's progress?

Before commencing specialist tutoring sessions, our teacher will conduct a screening assessment to understand where your child may be experiencing gaps in their learning. We set specific, measurable goals based on your child’s needs and develop an Individual Learning Plan that outlines how these goals will be addressed. Students are then reviewed against these initial screening results and goals to measure progress over time.

How do online specialist tutoring sessions work?

Our teachers offer specialist tutoring sessions via video, to ensure children facing challenges with their learning can be supported from home. 

Online tutoring sessions are as effective as face-to-face support and can offer a range of benefits, including: 

  • A flexible and convenient way for your child to receive continued support, without the need for travel 
  • A familiar and comfortable environment for your child to build a strong relationship with their teacher
  • Different ways for parents to be more involved and gain strategies for providing support in the home 
  • Interaction with a range of online technologies, games and tools to support learning in an engaging way

Learning Links uses the Zoom video platform to deliver online sessions. Once your booking is confirmed, our team will email a unique Zoom link to access each session. 

Father and son doing homework at home

Resources to Support Learning

We have a range of fact sheetsarticles and videos to empower parents to gain the tools, strategies and confidence to understand, support and advocate for their child in the best possible way.