Ready to Learn Mini Course

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A mini course to support children’s functional independence for learning

Are you teaching children or adolescents who struggle to sit still, get distracted by sounds in the classroom or can’t hold a pencil?

Are you a psychologist or allied health professional working with children who have difficulty using therapy equipment, coordinating their movement or regulating their response to sensory inputs?

Does your child struggle with balance, using cutlery or hypersensitivity to different textures in fabrics or foods?

AVAILABLE NOW: Ready to Learn Mini Course

Our new Ready to Learn mini course is now available. The short online mini course has been developed to help parents and professionals identify and manage challenges with functional skills in children to help them become ready for learning.

The mini course has been adapted for two age groups – The Early Years and School Age – so you can get the most appropriate strategies for the child you’re supporting.

We know how important it is to get support as early as possible. We also know how hard it is when you notice difficulties in your own child or the children you work with, but they can’t get into services to get the help they need. With huge shortages in occupational therapy services across the country, waitlists for support can be months or even years long – we want to help you get the help you need now.

Ready to Learn has been designed to provide professionals and parents with practical strategies and resources to support children’s gross and fine motor skills development and sensory processing while they’re waiting to see an occupational therapist. Our team has worked with occupational therapists to create this experience.

About us and our expertise in the field

Learning Links is a not-for-profit organisation that has been providing support to children with learning difficulties for 50 years. Our multidisciplinary team of specialist teachers, early childhood educators, psychologists and speech pathologists has developed this course in collaboration with occupational therapists to help you feel empowered to support children with their functional skills.

What’s Included

Ready to Learn is available in two age-appropriate packages – The Early Years and The School Years.

Early Childhood Functioninig Skills

Ready to Learn – The Early Years

Three video modules covering gross motor, fine motor and sensory processing.

Functioning Skills for Kids

Ready to Learn – The School Years

Four video modules covering gross motor, fine motor, sensory processing, handwriting and technology.

Each mini course includes:

  • Six months access to course material and Q&A support from our professionals
  • Toolkit for each topic including checklists, observation guides, screening tools, activities and equipment suggestions


Sensory Profile Checklist

Activity Guides

Fine Motor Thera Putty Exercise Guide

Observation Guides

Fine Motor Observation Guide