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Community involvement can improve your company’s brand, profits and shareholder returns, not to mention offering your staff a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community and help children in need.

Our corporate partnerships are innovative and flexible and we always work towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

The following are just some ways your company can work with Learning Links to enable children with learning support needs and disabilities reach their potential.

  • Support a service: Contributing funds to one of our services will achieve immediate and visible impact in the community.
  • Join Reading, Counting or Writing for Life: Businesses can volunteer staff to this program, which aims to teach children these essential skills.
  • Subsidise fees for disadvantaged families: Some families cannot afford to pay for the essential services they or their children need.
  • Purchase equipment: We are always in need of toys, teaching equipment and therapy resources.
  • Fundraise: Through staff fundraisers throughout the year, raise money for Learning Links.
  • Volunteer: Visit our Volunteer page.

*Learning Links is a charity and deductible gift recipient. Donations $2 and over are tax deductible. To donate, please visit our Donate now page.

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