Children & Youth

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Learning Links is a registered NDIS provider in the area of Improved Daily Living. Our programs help children develop functional skills for independence & community participation.

Assessments2 Assessments

We provide a range of assessment services to determine children’s learning strengths and needs – an important first step in understanding how best to help them.

Early Intervention Early Intervention

The early years are crucial to a child’s development. Our multidisciplinary team works with young children at risk of learning difficulties and are not reaching key milestones from an early age.

Speech2 Speech Therapy

Our speech therapists work with children who have difficulty expressing themselves or understanding and following what others are saying, enhancing their ability to learn.

OT Occupational Therapy

Our occupational therapists help children work with their bodies so they can perform the basic life skills and the tasks required of them at school including fine and gross motor skills.

Educational Support Educational Support

School can be very challenging for some children. Our team of specialist teachers work with families and schools to address the road blocks that prevent children from learning.

Psychology Programs Psychology Programs

Our psychologists work with children through specialist group programs to provide strategies and address concerns such as anxiety, depression, social skills and behaviour.

counselling1 Counselling

We provide counselling to children to with social, emotional and behavioural using evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Brief Solutions and Play Therapy.

School Hol Menu School Holiday Programs

We offer a range of fun, educational school holiday programs throughout the year for small groups of children of different ages across therapy, psychology and educational support .

Countdown School Readiness

Countdown to Kindergarten is a school transition program developed for children who may require additional preparation for the routines and early learning skills required for kindergarten.

preschool3 Preschool

Our inclusive preschool can provide your child with a rich and unique experience that will give them a real desire to learn. We build on each child’s strengths, skills and knowledge.

Vac Care Out of School Hours Care

Learning Links Out Of School Hours Care at McCallums Hill Public School offers a caring and safe environment with a program that supports your child in their learning and development.