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Occupational Therapy

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Due to high demand, unfortunately the waitlist for Learning Links’ Occupational Therapy program is closed.

To find an Occupational Therapist close to you, you can visit:

Our occupational therapists help children understand and work with their bodies so they can perform the basic life skills and the tasks required of them at school. Foundation skills such as handwriting, cutting, tying shoe laces, sitting still, movement and sports, copying things down from the blackboard allows your child get the most they can from their learning environment.

Occupational therapy can help with:

  • Gross motor coordination which involves the large muscles and movement of the trunk, arms and legs that are needed for playground games, sports, balance, coordination, dressing and posture.
  • Fine motor coordination which involves the small muscles and the movement of the hand. This type of coordination affects handwriting, cutting, craft and tying shoelaces.
  • Self-awareness and body awareness involves having a good understanding of your personality and physicality.
  • Sensory processing involves the way we receive and interpret the senses. Children can often be under reactive or over reactive to sound, movement, vision, tastes, smell, touch, pressure.
  • Visual perception and visual motor integration involves processing visual information and following that up with the appropriate motor actions (e.g. copying from the blackboard).


A comprehensive assessment is an important first step in understanding a child’s current ability. Areas assessed include: fine and gross motor skills, visual perception, hand preference, handwriting, scissor skills and sensory processing. Screening tests are also available to provide a quick and effective way of identifying children who may be at risk. Special Provisions Assessments are available to assist schools in special provisions applications for children at exam times.

Therapy Program

Individual therapy sessions are provided in 30 minute sessions. Occupational therapists use specialist strategies and programs adapted to the individual needs of the child.

We understand that every child is unique with different strengths and difficulties and that each family has their own set of challenges and goals. We tailor the best possible program for each child and offer families access to a caring and committed team of highly qualified experts across therapy, teaching and psychology.

Schools & Early Childhood Settings

Learning Links is also able to provide occupational therapy at your child’s school or early childhood educational setting with their permission.

Whole school programs are also available.

Health Funds and Government Initiatives

Occupational Pathologists at Learning Links are registered for NDIS, private health fund rebates and Medicare for the Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally EPC) and Autism Initiative.