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Learning Links is a registered NDIS provider in the support area of Improved Daily Living. Our NDIS services for children and young people support in the development of functional skills for independence and meaningful community participation.

Our programs work towards achieving children’s long-term goals including improved:

  • Resilience and confidence
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Social skills: friendships and community participation
  • Communication: develop existing verbal skills, articulation and understanding of language
  • Sensory processing concerns
  • Literacy and numeracy skills (including functional)
  • Strategies to support behaviour

NDIS funding can be used for the following Learning Links services:

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the new way of providing support for Australians with disability, their families and carers.

The NDIS will provide Australians under the age of 65 with a permanent and significant disability with the reasonable and necessary supports they need to live an ordinary life.

As an insurance scheme, the NDIS takes a lifetime approach, investing in people with disability early to improve their outcomes later in life.

The NDIS supports people with disability to build skills and capability so they can participate in the community and employment.

You are eligible for the NDIS if you:

  • are under 65 when you make your application.
  • are an Australian Citizen or resident or permanent visa holder.
  • and meet the disability or early intervention requirements.

If you are unsure, go to the NDIS checklist page.

  • If your child is already receiving support through the NSW govt (Eg through FAHCSIA or Better Start) you will automatically be contacted by an NDIA representative to discuss your transition to NDIS.
  • Parents of other eligible children will need to contact the NDIA to commence the application process
  • There are four easy next steps to apply for the NDIS:
  1. Confirm when the NDIS will be available in your local area via the postcode tool.
  2. Confirm if you are eligible via the NDIS Access Checklist Tool.
  3. Visit the My Choice Matters website or speak to a family member or carer for help in working out your goals.
  4. Closer to when the NDIS is rolled out in your local area, contact the NDIA or phone them on 1800 800 110

THE National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) is the body that implements the NDIS. You can choose to have your funds managed by this body. The funds you are allocated for a 12-month period will stay with the NDIA. You will choose the services you want to meet your set goals. The service providers you choose will claim from your funding pool, held by the NDIA. You can monitor how much has been spent against your goals and paid to your chosen service providers via an online portal – a bit like monitoring online banking transactions.


YOU can choose to manage NDIS funds yourself.

You will provide the NDIA with details of your bank account for a transfer of your NDIS funding. Once your plan is approved you can purchase supports from both registered NDIS providers or providers you feel can best meet your goals.


MUCH like the self-managed model, you can choose any service provider offering NDIS funds management – even those not registered with the NDIS. For a fee, this third party, or Plan Manager, will file and record your invoices and track you expenditure of NDIS funding, providing you with a regular update or report on your funding and goals.

NDIS National Disability Insurance Scheme  –

Parents as Case Coordinators: An online training program to empower parents to navigate the NDIS service network and take control over their child’s planning and supports.

My Choice Matters: Project of the Council for Intellectual Disability advocating for choice, voice and control.

My Learning Matters: An online tool developed by My Choice Matters to get the most out of the changing disability support system.

Carers NSW: The peak non-government organisation for carers in NSW with a focus is on improving the lives of carers.

In Charge: Develop people’s capacity for self-direction

What NDIS approved services do you provide?

Learning Links is an approved provider of the following registered supports:

Improved Daily Living (Support Category 3.15)

This category includes ‘Therapeutic Supports’:

  • Occupational Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy Assessments
  • Speech Therapy
  • Speech Therapy Assessments
  • Psychology – Counselling
  • Psychology – Assessments


My child has an approved NDIS plan. What do I need to do to access Learning Links’ services?

You will need to provide a copy of the approved plan to Learning Links. Your plan includes the total dollar value for the approved supports and an approval number. When we receive the approved plan we will then contact you to discuss how much money you would like allocated to which service. When this has been agreed Learning Links will send you a Service Agreement with these details. Services can commence when the signed Service Agreement has been returned to Learning Links.


Why does Learning Links need to see my plan?

So we can help your child receive the right supports we need to view your plan with the following information.

  • Plan start and end date
  • Support areas approved
  • Amount of money

Learning Links Privacy Policy protects any information you provide to us and is available on our website.


What if I want to make a change to the Service Agreement I signed with Learning Links?

To make any changes to the Service Agreement a request must be sent in writing. This will take effect when the change has been approved by Learning Links and you have been notified in writing.


Is Learning Links a provider under Early Childhood Intervention Australia?

Learning Links can provide services to children 0-6 years under NDIS.


How have the fees been set / determined?

Learning Links’ fees are consistent with what is set by the NDIS.


What is included in the fee?

  • Intervention for your child
  • Feedback at the end of the session
  • Planning and preparation by the professional. This includes communication with other professionals as required (internal and external), review and a summary report at the time of discharge.


What do I do if I want the amount approved and allocated to my child in their NDIS plan to be increased?

Any funding issue or query should be referred back to your NDIA planner. Unfortunately, Learning Links cannot assist you with this.


What do I need to do to pay for Learning Links’ services?

Payment is not made by you directly. Learning Links will invoice the NDIS after each session has been conducted as agreed in your Service Agreement. This amount will be paid to Learning Links by the NDIS and will be deducted from the total amount allocated in your child’s approved funding plan.


My child’s NDIS plan has only been approved for 12 months. What if my child needs your services for more than 1 year?

Under the NDIS, Learning Links is required to conduct a review of your child’s progress before the end of the 12-month funding period and provide this information to the NDIS. This will assist you to negotiate a new funding approval for your child if relevant and required.


Even though my child’s NDIS plan is for 12 months I would like to use Learning Links for less than 12 months. Is this possible?

Yes. The Service Agreement has a start and finish date which can be less than 12 months. If you would prefer less than 12 months, please let us know when we are discussing the agreement with you.


Does Learning Links provide case management support?

Learning Links unfortunately does not provide this support. The NDIS has approved agencies to provide case management support. Funding for case management support needs to be approved in the NDIS Plan. Your NDIA planner can help you with this.


Do you charge to travel to my child’s school to provide the support?

Learning Links does not charge an additional fee for travel if your child’s school is within a 10 km radius from our office.


How do I cancel my services with Learning Links?

To cancel services with Learning Links you will need to advise us in writing via email or letter. When written notification has been received the termination of the Service Agreement will be confirmed by Learning Links.