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Young girl doing online maths tutoring session on laptop

Online tutoring is a great support service that works exactly like face-to-face tutoring but you and your child don’t need to leave the comfort of your home.  

Tutoring can be an important addition to your child’s education journey, particularly if they have difficulties in the classroom. It is personalised, individualised and coordinated to fit in with your child’s needs.  

If you’ve chosen to stop your child’s face-to-face tutoring during the coronavirus pandemic, why not consider taking up online tutoring. There are a number of benefits for your child, yourself and your family.  

Four Benefits of Online Tutoring

You’ll have more family time  

Extracurricular tutoring, while very important, can chew up a few hours a week.  

A busy parent knows that travelling to and from the learning centre and time spent waiting while your child attends their session can put a lot of additional pressure on your weekly schedule. 

Online tutoring brings a personalised tutoring experience directly into your home via face-to-face video call, so you don’t have to leave your house and can get some more time back into your week 

This means that while your child is having a one-on-one lesson with their teacher, you can do other things like catch up on work, attend to others in your household or just take a moment for yourself 

more suitable option for anxious children  

Your home is the perfect place to facilitate a positive learning environment. If you have a child that struggles with anxiety or can often feel nervous about going to unfamiliar places, you might find that having them receive support in their own home might be a little more comforting.  

Some parents might find that setting up a special study space in the home can help calm anxious children, putting them in a better frame of mind for learning. It can help them feel much more comfortable to work and build a relationship with their teacher, and you may even see improved results!   

Get tutoring support anywhere  

With so much uncertainty in the world at the moment, some families may not be able to access face-to-face tutoring like they normally woulddue to unforeseen circumstances.  

With online sessions, tutors can teach from any location, any time zone, as long as you’ve all got good internet and a computer.  

This means if you’ve got a lastminute trip away planned, a family member falls sick or you’re required to stay at home, your child’s tutoring schedule won’t be impacted.  

Just like normal tutoring – only online 

There isn’t anything dramatically different between online and face-to-face tutoring – besides the obvious physical differences.  

Just like specialist tutoring in a centre, your child’s teacher will conduct a screening assessment to understand your child’s individual needs, strengths and learning style. They’ll find out where the gaps are in their learning and prioritise those in their individual learning plan 

During each tutoring session, your child will be able to see their teacher and communicate with them by talking or typing. Teachers use the Zoom video platform to share images and text and run interactive games and activities – to help your child build skills and confidence in their learning. 

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