Ingleburn RSL helps kids who struggle to learn

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Through the generous support of Ingleburn RSL Club, 28 students from Ingleburn Public School have been supported by a Learning Links Speech Therapist this year.

The Therapy in Schools Program has supported a range of areas, including:

  • Speech/articulation
  • Expressive and receptive language
  • Vocabulary and comprehension.

We have also been working on developing a program suitable for delivery to both parents and staff on how students can be further supported in the home and classroom.

The program’s impact

A Year 2 girl who had been almost non-verbal until her intervention in Term 1, now regularly responds to questions in class. On occasion, she even volunteers her own opinions during group and class discussions.

“As Learning and Support Team Coordinator at Ingleburn Public School, I have seen first-hand the outstanding improvements that have been made by the students who have been fortunate enough to have been included in the speech therapy program.” said Ms Kris Westcott, Assistant Principal, Ingleburn Public School.

“A little Year 2 boy is now a completely different child to the one that entered the classroom in Term 1. I wholeheartedly believe that this support would change the outcomes for many of our struggling kids as it gives them more confidence to participate in tasks as one more obstacle is removed” added a Year 2 Teacher from Ingleburn Public School.

Supporting Children in our Community

“The Therapy in Schools program at Ingleburn Public School, demonstrates how success in learning can be achieved when schools, parents, community partner Ingleburn RSL Club and Learning Links join forces” says Learning Links CEO Birgitte Maibom.

“With the generous funding support from Ingleburn RSL, Learning Links has been able to work in close partnership with the wonderful staff, children and parents at Ingleburn Public School to provide expert support and interventions and through this make a real and lasting difference for these children.”

“It is our long term goal to ensure that Ingleburn RSL continues to be a major supporter of the local community to which it belongs. It is our great pleasure to provide support to the local kids and families of Ingleburn Public School” says Glenn Cushion, CEO of Ingleburn RSL.


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