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Learning Links has been empowering children to learn, develop and thrive since 1972. As a multidisciplinary service provider, our education, therapy and psychology teams are incredibly passionate about working in partnership with children and adolescents, parents and carers, schools, early childhood centres and other professionals to provide opportunities for children to develop vital skills and confidence for their learning, communication and wellbeing. After 50 years, our vision has remained consistent – to create a community where difficulties learning are no longer a barrier to a fulfilling life.

That’s how the Ready, Steady Thrive program came about! This specially curated psychology and wellbeing program for schools and early childhood centres is designed to empower children to be READY and confident for life and learning, STEADY in their emotions and behaviours, and set to THRIVE!

This program will be delivered in Bankstown in the first half of 2024 as part of the Communities for Children Program – a place-based model of investment supporting children and families in 52 disadvantaged communities across Australia. Working closely with facilitating partner The Smith Family, Learning Links will proudly support over 200 children in four local schools to access vital support for their wellbeing that many would otherwise miss out on.

In Ready, Steady, Thrive Learning Links psychologists will deliver evidence-based programs in a small group setting as well as individual assessments to address a variety of conditions and concerns that have been highlighted in the Bankstown Community Strategic Plan Priority Areas, and through the organisation’s own extensive consultation and work with schools and networks in the local area. This includes issues children are facing such as poor mental health, low self-esteem, anger management and difficulties with social skills which, left unsupported, can leave children feeling disconnected and disengaged with life, learning and their community.

Group programs include Friends for Life and The Incredible Years: Dinosaur School, which teach over 240 children in four schools important coping, social and problem-solving skills that they can apply to daily living to build resilience, relationships and better prepare themselves to successfully learn, navigate and thrive through life transitions.

Learning Links is incredibly proud to be a Bankstown Community Partner for the Communities for Children program and working closely with The Smith Family to make a lasting difference for children and families in this area.


Communities for children is an Australian Government initiative, funded by the Department of  Social Services.