Three easy tips to improve communication with your child’s teacher

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by Dr Samantha Hornery, Education Manager.

If your child has additional learning needs you’re probably going to be in regular communication with your child’s teacher.


Here are our top tips to get this communication started and keep it going:

1. Ask your child’s teacher for their preferred communication method – is it a communication book? Email? A shared Google document? Use what works best for both of you.

2. Ask your child’s teacher when it is best to communicate? At the beginning of the week? The end of the week? Or somewhere in the middle? Is weekly communication too much?

3. See what information or support you can offer to help your child be successful in class. This might be:

  • pre-reading a book for the week,
  • collecting ideas for writing activities over the weekend ready for upcoming tasks,
  • or prompting your child with the daily routine in the morning in the car.

Simple support like this could make a world of difference in the classroom as it can help you child feel more prepared and confident with their work.


Your child is so incredibly important to you – and to their teacher – so setting some clear expectations at the beginning of the year can help your child’s teacher best support your child and everyone else in the classroom too.


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