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We are humbled to share this brave and interesting parent story.  As you read Emily’s* reflections, you’ll discover the remarkable progress her son has made and the positive changes that have unfolded for their entire family. It’s a story that underscores the importance of accessible education, personalised support, and the transformative impact of Learning Links in both Emily and Oliver’s* lives.

We invite you to join us in celebrating Emily’s journey and the countless other families whose lives have been touched by your generosity and commitment to our mission. Together, we are making a difference, one child and one family at a time.

My name is Emily and I am proud mum to Oliver, who is now 14 years and in year 8 at high school. 

Oliver was a happy and playful child prior to starting primary school, he enjoyed dressing up as superheros, playing with Lego, jumping on his trampoline and dancing around to music. Oliver attended preschool where he thrived. He loved to make friends, socialise and enjoyed play based learning.

When Oliver started primary school, we began to notice a change in him. He was no longer the happy dancing boy we once knew. Over a short space of time he deteriorated, he became so sad and anxious and at times destructive that he didn’t want to go on. It was heartbreaking not knowing why he was like this, and I had no idea how to help him or what was making him so upset.

It wasn’t until Oliver was in year 1 that an occupational therapist was placed in his classroom that it was brought to my attention that we should see a specialist to work out if anything was wrong. He was further withdrawing from doing work and got really upset if he had to participate in writing or maths tasks at school. 

This prompted us to seek help from a specialist, and eventually, Oliver was diagnosed with inattentive ADHD. This form of ADHD meant that he struggled with focus, attention, and processing information, making school tasks incredibly challenging for him.

Feeling lost and unsure of where to turn, a fellow parent recommended Learning Links to me. From the moment I made that initial phone call, I felt a wave of relief wash over me. The compassionate staff at Learning Links listened to my concerns without judgment and provided clear guidance on how to support Oliver’s needs.

With the support of Learning Links, Oliver began receiving tailored educational support in numeracy and literacy. Despite some initial challenges and resistance, we started to see real progress. Oliver regained his confidence, excelled academically, and rediscovered his passion for learning.

Today, Oliver is thriving. He was elected sports captain by his peers and has developed after writing and delivering his speech, something he once struggled with. His teachers describe him as a happy, motivated student who consistently produces work at an impressive standard.

Looking back, Oliver was crying out for someone to understand him, trying harder than anyone in his class to try and keep up with his classwork and I missed those signs. It is something that sticks with me today and makes me very emotional, I am forever grateful for those in-school programs that brought Oliver’s needs to my attention.

Getting the diagnosis and intervention he needed has made me realise that I want to help others to recognise the signs in their children and to get help as soon as possible. Without the professional  being in the classroom that day, I may never have got the early intervention that has helped Oliver become the thriving, confident young man he is today.

Please donate to Learning Links today to help continue these in school programs (they are really so important) and one-on-one sessions at their different locations across NSW.

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*Names have been changed to protect confidentiality