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How we can support your school

As a not-for-profit charitable organisation with almost 50 years’ experience in helping kids learn Learning Links can assist your school to effectively support children, young people and their families to overcome learning difficulties. We work collaboratively with your school, to help children and young people learn and reach their full potential.

We can work with your staff to support children who are experiencing difficulty learning.

We support children in the following areas:

  • attention and behaviour
  • fine and gross motor skills
  • sensory processing
  • speech and language
  • social skills
  • anxiety and depression
  • reading, writing and mathematics.

We understand that building the capacity of teachers and families is essential to the sustainability of your school community.

Our Commitment to You

Learning Links’ team of Education Specialists, Occupational Therapists, Psychologists and Speech and Language Pathologists will work alongside your teachers to complement your school’s strategic plan and provide targeted interventions for children struggling to learn.

Through streamlined and open communication we will help reduce administrative demands on your school by providing a central contact for your teachers, parents and administrative staff for the multiple services we can provide.

Your teachers will know Learning Links’ professionals are supporting your students as they will provide:

  • regular verbal and written feedback for individual children or groups
  • strategies for the classroom environment
  • assistance to your learning support team to prioritise children for support
  • opportunities for team teaching in the classroom environment

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