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Erika (Age 7)

Now loves to read

From Erika’s mum.

I first noticed that there may have been a problem with Erika’s learning at the end of Kindergarten, but I couldn’t work out what it was. In year 1 she received reading recovery support and improved slightly, however the same issues kept coming up. Sounds were difficult for her to recognise as well as sight words. She was having difficulty reading and was writing words with the first letters last. All of these issues led to a lack of confidence at school.

I spoke to her school teachers to get feedback on her progress and the reading recovery teacher suggested that I wait and see how she progressed. In the meantime I spoke to my extended family and tried to get a history of any learning difficulties and found that there was a history of dyslexia so I became a little concerned.

I then went to Learning Links where Erika had a Psychometric assessment. There was no specific diagnosis, however, we were able to get a very good idea of where she needed some help and recommended literacy sessions. Erika attends weekly sessions with a Learning Links teacher to address fluency with reading and sounds.

Since having these sessions she has become much more confident in her school work. She is now not afraid to give words a go, has become much more fluent in reading and her spelling has really improved.

Erika openly tells people that she attends learning links and she is very proud of how fluent she has become at reading. Learning Links has really helped us as a family now that there is less stress overall, and not constantly worrying about Erika.

We have a much happier more confident child!