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Is Your Child Struggling to Learn How to Read? We’re Here to Help! 

For some children, learning to read can be really hard. The Links at Home – Reading program is designed specifically for parents with students in Years 1-3 who are having difficulties learning to read. Our free online reading program teaches you the a systematic synthetic phonics approach to help your child build the essential reading skills they need to enhance their confidence and enjoyment. 

What is ‘Links at Home – Reading’? 

Links at Home – Reading is a parent-friendly, science-based reading program that shows you how to support your child to read using the same systematic synthetic phonics methods used in Australian schools. Our simple step-by-step guide shows you how to support children who are struggling to learn to read, providing you with the tools and techniques you need to help them succeed. 

Key Features:

  • Systematic Synthetic Phonics Approach: Build strong reading foundations with a method that’s proven to be effective. 
  • Step-by-Step Guide: Easy-to-follow instructions that show you how to introduce and practice the beginning sounds of English, the order to teach them, and how to blend them together to form words and sentences. 
  • Fun and Simple Activities: Engage your child in reading through activities that use everyday household items. 
  • Evidence-Based Methods: Our program is based on the latest research in the science of reading and draws upon Learning Links’ 50 years of experience supporting children’s literacy. 

A Step-by-Step Program to Teach Your Child to Read at Home 

  • Understand Synthetic Phonics: We break down the technical terminology used in schools and demonstrate each step so you can feel confident supporting your child to read.  
  • Support Your Child’s Reading Journey: Help your child master letters and sounds to build strong phonemic awareness, identify high frequency words (sight words) and become fluent readers, especially when they’re struggling to keep up at school.
  • Comprehensive Resources: Access video lessons, downloadable guides and free games designed to make learning to read fun and effective. 
  • Community Support: Join our Facebook Group to get support from Learning Links’ education specialists and connect with other parents and carers. 
  • Proven Effectiveness: Our program is based on the same synthetic phonics approach used in schools, ensuring consistency and effectiveness. 

How Our Reading Program Helps 

  • Learn the Sounds (Phonemes): We’ll show you how to make each sound and teach you the correct order to introduce them to your child. 
  • Learn to Read and Spell: We provide you with decodable words and sentences to show you how to blend sounds together to read and segment words into individual sounds for spelling and writing.  
  • Practice Through Activities: Use simple, fun phonics activities to practice sounds and build fluency in reading words and sentences. 
  • Master Home Readers: Use home readers more effectively to reinforce what your child is learning. 
  • Address Reading Challenges: Get guidance on what to do when progress seems slow, including tips on which online games, apps and resources can best support your child. 

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Unlock your child’s reading potential with our free program. Register now and get immediate access to all of our resources, including: 

  • Video lessons that demonstrate phonemes, blending and segmenting 
  • Downloadable guides and resources 
  • Free phonics games 
  • Exclusive access to our supportive Facebook Group 

Don’t let reading difficulties hold your child back. Fill out the form below to join the Links at Home – Reading program and start your child’s journey to reading success today! 

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Samantha Hornery Headshot

Program Presenter

Dr Samantha Hornery

Samantha is a primary school and special education teacher with over 20 years’ experience, and has gained a PhD in Dyslexia Interventions. She is dedicated to providing evidence-based practice and has spent her career empowering children who have difficulties learning to succeed at school in the primary and high school years.

By joining Links at Home – Reading, you’re taking the first step towards giving your child the reading skills they need to succeed. Our reading program, backed by the latest science, is here to support you every step of the way. Register now and make reading a joyful and successful experience for your child.