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Phoneme flash cards laid out on table. Learning Links teacher points at the phoneme /a/ in pat while student sounds out word.

Learn the most impactful way to teach all children how to read

Reading is an important skill that makes all learning possible. Learning to read helps children build knowledge about the world, critical thinking skills, empathy and positive self-image. No child should miss out on that opportunity. That’s why we’ve developed a course that equips you with everything you need to teach reading in the most impactful way for every child – using a synthetic phonics approach.

About the Course

After completing this course you will be able to confidently structure a synthetic phonics reading lesson, with or without a program, to support all students to read, including those with reading difficulties. When you put your learning into practice, you’ll give each student the opportunity to engage meaningfully in their learning.

What you’ll learn

  • What synthetic phonics is and how it fits within models of reading 
  • How to structure a synthetic phonics lesson 
  • What resources you’ll need to start teaching effectively
  • How to help students progress to reading larger words
  • How to assess students’ progress in key areas of reading
  • What to do when your readers aren’t progressing as expected


This training and resource package comes with everything you need to teach reading using a synthetic phonics approach.

  • 3+ hours of video training: build your knowledge and skills with 65 short, guided video lessons
  • Teaching resources: get the tools you need to start your synthetic phonics reading lessons including a recommended teaching sequence, flashcards, charts and more
  • Assessment templates: keep track of your students reading progress with assessment scripts, assessments for each skill and reports
  • 72-page workbook: apply your learning with reflection prompts and ideas to put your learning into practice
  • Q&A: get advice and support directly from our experts 
  • Course certificate: recognise your learning with self-identified professional learning hours
Headshot of webinar presenter Lizzie Davis

Guide Presenter

Lizzie Davis

Lizzie has a Masters in Special Education, School Improvement and Design and has worked as a primary school teacher in a range of school systems and settings for the last 20 years. She is passionate about breaking barriers that limit learning and is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based and practical professional learning to colleagues.