Playing with your child

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Play helps children’s social skills, movement, thinking and language. It also helps children grow and be healthy.

FIND any opportunity to play with your child throughout the day.

LOOK at what your child is interested in and join them. Sometimes give them choices to help them play.

WAIT for your child to lead the play and respond. You could join in, copy their actions or talk about what they are doing.

TALK about what your child is looking at or doing. “You’re in the box… Pop!” “Brmm brmm, go car!”

TAKE Copy what your child does and wait for them to do TURNS some more. Sometimes you could show them a new idea for play.

HAVE FUN Be your child’s playmate. Get down to their level. Join FUN in and help them learn. It’s OK to play the same activity again and again if you are all having fun.

USE everyday moments and things: your face, bath time, running and chasing, getting dressed and dressing up, climbing in boxes, banging pans and drumming with spoons.