Our Story

Our Impact

Each year, Learning Links works hard to reach as many children, parents and carers, schools and communities, and professional as possible – to ensure we are providing services, programs and support where it is needed.

In 2020-2021, Learning Links’ impact in the community continued to grow:

Learning Links Impact 2020-21

We supported 4,857 children

1,355 Children with conditions such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia and ADHD participated in programs to improve literacy and numeracy.

1,619 Children received therapy to develop communications, language, sensory, fine and gross motor  skills.

26 Indigenous children participated in a tailored literacy and numeracy program supported by NSW Aboriginal Education Consultative Group to improve their long-term outcomes.

431 Children with disabilities received therapeutic support under the NDIS to develop functional skills for independence and meaningful community participation.

401 Children received inclusive educational care through our Preschool, Prep for Preschool and Out Of School Hours care services.

We supported 3,091 families

1,279 Parents and carers were provided with specialist knowledge and skills in children’s learning, development and family support.

707 Children were assessed to determine their strengths and needs and to provide families with guidance regarding the support required and potential funding schemes.

1,438 Children with social, emotional and behavioural concerns were provided support to reduce anxiety, and build confidence, self-esteem and stronger family relationships.

138 Schools and Communities

263 Children and families in disadvantaged communities were assisted with specialist intervention
and support.

2,522 Professionals

50 Provisional psychologists gained expertise and skills working with children and families to fulfil the
requirements to become fully registered.

2,472 Professionals including allied health, teachers, and early childhood educators were provided with specialist  knowledge and skills in children’s learning, development and family support.

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