Federal Minister discusses the needs of children with learning difficulties

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Simon Birmingham, Minister for Education and Training together with David Coleman MP, Member for Banks met with Learning Links Chairman, Greg Wallace and CEO, Birgitte Maibom to discuss the challenges faced by children with learning difficulties and disabilities.

This was an opportunity to highlight to the Minister the real experiences of children and their families dealing with learning difficulties and disabilities, said Learning Links CEO, Birgitte Maibom.

“We appreciate the time the Minister and Mr Coleman have taken to meet with our Learning Links team. Our discussions focussed on the perspective of children, their families and the resources required to support the developmental needs of these children.

“The Minister was interested in discussing how Learning Links services assist and provide valuable contributions to the wellbeing of children dealing with learning difficulties and disabilities,” said Ms Maibom.

The Minister and Mr Coleman were introduced to the Learning Links multidisciplinary model of intervention and the support programs across the age spectrum.

Learning Links is an organisation which offers support for students with learning difficulties, including many schools across the Banks electorate, said David Coleman MP, Federal Member for Banks.

“It was good to visit Learning Links with the Minister to discuss the importance of supporting students in the classroom who may need extra assistance with learning.

“Thank you to the staff of Learning Links for their insights into learning support in local schools,” said Mr Coleman.

In Australia, 5% to 15% of children are affected by learning difficulties and disabilities . Early intervention plays a critical role in the future outcomes for these children. Those who don’t acquire the necessary skills at an early age can fall further behind at school, widening the gap between them and their peers .

Learning Links is a not-for-profit charitable organisation established in 1972 by parents concerned about the lack of appropriate education and support services for children with learning difficulties. Learning Links works with these children, their families and schools offering tailored programs and services to improve the children’s learning, wellbeing and participation helping them reach their full potential.