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Child participating in online session on laptop

Across 2020 Learning Links was able to offer 652 children, teaches and families online digital programs and workshops, the most amount of digital services ever offered by Learning Links in one single year.  

Like many organisations, Learning Links was presented with challenges in the face of COVID-19. However, despite the changing environment, we were united in our mission to find alternative ways to provide quality support to children who have difficulties learning. 

Continued Support and Accessibility for Families Now and into the Future

These challenges quickly became opportunities, and with the understanding and dedication shown by employees and families we worked together to transfer many services to the digital environment.

Through the use of intuitive and engaging technologies, we were able to continue to deliver psychological counselling, speech therapy and specialist tutoring to children who had previously been attending our centres for face-to-face sessions. Our inclusive preschool, supported playgroups and parenting programs were also able to continue with the addition of online support, and the children quickly adapted to this new style of learning. 

Expanding our services to digital delivery enables us to reach children on a national level, particularly those in remote areas or those who find it difficult leaving home. It also offers an alternative for parents who are time poor, eliminating the need to travel. We can now deliver digital education services to more children, teacher and families than ever. 

Online has become the new normal for many people and we have certainly seen the benefits of this model for our families.  

Reaching Teachers with Professional Learning on a National Scale Through Digital Education 

Learning Links’ team of experts is now offering a series of one-hour webinars to empower primary and high school teachers, learning support teachers and teachers’ aides to get the best out of students who struggle to learn. This new form of digital education is allowing us to help hundreds of more families. 

This has allowed us to scale our reach to a national level and provide shorter form professional development for teachers who are time poor. The webinars have been very well received by the teaching community, particularly the dyslexia and dyscalculia series which have now become staples. Each webinar provides practical information, strategies and resources informed by research, for teachers to apply in the classroom. 

This story appeared in the Learning Links 2019-20 Annual Report