Castle Hill RSL supporting children with learning difficulties

Castle Hill RSL has donated $10,000 to the Learning Links scholarship program reinforcing their commitment to address literacy and numeracy levels across schools in the Hills District. Working closely with Learning Links, the scholarship will provide children with critical intervention services to assist their educational development.

The support of Castle Hill RSL will see children from across four local schools receive a scholarship at Learning Links Bella Vista, said Learning Links CEO, Ms Birgitte Maibom.

“The scholarship will provide children with specialist assistance in literacy and numeracy, speech, occupational therapy, or psychology based services. These services will address the difficulties that affects a child’s academic performance, social ability and self-esteem at school,” said Ms Maibom.

“The program will ensure equity of access to support services for children, promote participation and inclusion of these children in their schools and community and help to foster happy, successful and well-adjusted young adults.

“Research indicates that in Australia, 5% to 15% of children are affected by learning difficulties and disabilities[1].

“Early intervention plays a critical role in the future outcomes for these children. Those who don’t acquire the necessary skills at an early age can fall further behind at school, widening the gap between them and their peers[2],”

“Learning Links is a not-for-profit organisation and there is very little government funding available for children with learning difficulties. Without our help these children are often challenged later in life in literacy and numeracy, this can impact their ability to complete education, find employment, participate in the community and live fulfilling lives.

“We are very grateful to Castle Hill RSL for their commitment to assist the Learning Links’ mission, to provide a future where learning difficulties are no longer a barrier for any child. Every child has the right to equal learning opportunities,” said Ms Maibom, CEO Learning Links.

Learning Links is a not-for-profit charitable organisation established in 1972 by parents concerned about the lack of appropriate education and support services for children with learning difficulties. Learning Links works with these children, their families and schools offering tailored programs and services to improve the children’s learning, wellbeing and participation helping them reach their full potential.

[1] DSM5, 2013

[2] Gap caused by the Matthew effect, Stanovich, 1986