Dyslexia Decoded


A suite of professional learning webinars and courses

Have you got students in your class who are not making progress in reading, and you don’t know why?

Do you work with children with Dyslexia, but you are unsure how to help?

Have you tried different Dyslexia and reading interventions but progress has stalled?

Are you looking for affordable practical learning and easy-to-use evidence-informed resources?

Look no further. Our new Dyslexia Decoded courses & webinars are especially designed for busy and time-poor classroom, learning support teachers and speech pathologists looking for self-paced flexible learning.

About us and our expertise in the field

For over 50 years, Learning Links has been providing hands-on, evidence-based learning support to children & adolescents with learning difficulties. As a non for profit organisation, we are committed to providing all children with the same opportunities to learn. Our practice has informed our comprehensive range of webinars and short courses. It’s our way of sharing our evidence-based resources and materials with other professionals to make a great impact with the children they work with.

Where to start your Dyslexia journey

You may already be familiar with our successful webinar series for Dyslexia. If not this might be the first part of your journey with Learning Links’ evidence-informed professional development.

These short one-hour webinars provide you with an introduction to Dyslexia and some simple strategies to help.

  • Dyslexia – What it is and how to help
  • Dyslexia Strategies for Primary School
  • Dyslexia Strategies for High School


Start with our introductory Dyslexia on demand webinar bundles

Dyslexia Webinar Bundle – Primary School

Includes 2x on demand webinars:

  • Dyslexia: What it is and how to help
  • Supporting students with Dyslexia in primary school

Dyslexia Webinar Bundle – High School

Includes 2x on demand webinars

  • Dyslexia: What it is and how to help
  • Supporting students with Dyslexia in High School


Dyslexia Webinar Bundle – Primary and High School

Includes 3x on demand webinars

  • Dyslexia: What it is and how to help
  • Supporting students with Dyslexia in Primary School
  • Supporting students with Dyslexia in High School

Are you ready for deeper learning as part of our Dyslexia Decided course series?

Dyslexia Decoded Course Cover

Dyslexia Decoded (Introductory Course)

Available to Book!

This course is available to view immediately on our easy-to-use learning platform, with short lessons to watch at times that suit you. Plus you will get access to group coaching sessions by our Learning Links expert and 6 months access to have all your individual questions answered.

Dyslexia Decoded will unpack what Dyslexia is and isn’t, how Dyslexia is identified and diagnosed, how to pick the right intervention for kids to achieve maximum outcomes, and what to do when progress is difficult and slow.

Dyslexia Support – Synthetic Phonics

Available to Book! 

This course is accessible right now on our easy-to-use learning platform, with short lessons to watch at your own pace.

Plus you will get access to group coaching sessions with our Learning Links expert and 6 months access to have your individual questions answered.

Dyslexia Support – Synthetic Phonics will equip you with an understanding of phonics instruction, with screening tools, suggested scope and sequence, downloadable flashcards for teaching, reference charts and so much more.


Beyond Dyslexia: Comprehension Unpacked

Coming in 2023!

In our final course we’ll tackle the other aspects of reading – reading comprehension!

Beyond Dyslexia – Comprehension Unpacked has been left until the end because children and adolescents with Dyslexia need to be able to read before they can understand and use what they’ve read.

We’ll provide you with the screening tools, lesson ideas and resources to support your teaching of this essential aspect of reading.

How Learning Links courses can help you

We can help you feel better equipped to support children and adolescents with Dyslexia.

Our Dyslexia Decoded courses are part of a suite of professional learning webinars and courses developed by Learning Links.

Dr Samantha Hornery is an experienced primary school teacher and expert in learning difficulties. Samantha Hornery has 20 years of experience in designing and delivering Dyslexia interventions and as National Education Manager at Learning Links has created this suite of professional learning webinars and courses to support you to support children and adolescents with Dyslexia.


How to continue your Dyslexia journey

Our webinar series can be your starting point. But we know from our day-to-day work in schools that teachers today need more. Short on time and with student needs more diverse than ever, the access to practical, classroom applicable learning with evidence-based resources is what many teachers are looking for.

That’s why we developed Dyslexia Decoded; three short courses to deepen your understanding of Dyslexia and offer evidence-informed practical strategies and resources to provide interventions for children and adolescents with Dyslexia.

Each course is delivered in a self-paced professional learning format, so you can access the content wherever and whenever you like for up to six months.

Participants are also able to access weekly live presentations of each of the modules with Dr Samantha Hornery.

More information on our available Dyslexia Decoded course here >

Still Undecided?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The course supports:

1.2 Understand how students learn

1.5 Differentiate teaching to meet the specific learning needs of students across the full range of abilities

2.5 Literacy and numeracy strategies

3.6 Evaluate and improve teaching programs

5.1 Assess student learning


Additionally, if you access the monthly live Q&A this supports:

6.4 Apply professional learning and improve student learning


At the completion of Module 4 a statement of professional learning standards will be supplied.

All webinars will be recorded, so you’ll still have access. The materials have also been pre-recorded in the learning platform with all downloadable resources – they are available to you immediately after purchase.

Immediately after your purchase you will have 24/7 access to all pre-recorded videos and downloads. The four weekly live webinars in March are bonus feature for those who prefer to learn in this format and to have your questions answered live by Dr Hornery.

The pre-recorded videos and downloadable course content is exactly the same as the live webinars. This is available for purchase at any time and enables you to work through the content at your own pace.

More importantly, we know how busy you are – you’ll have 6 months access to all materials, right through to August 2022.  There’s plenty of time to learn!

Yes – Dyslexia can affect children of all ages, not just those in primary school. Our courses provide suggestions to support children throughout the ages.

Email workshops@learninglinks.org.au and we will send you a purchase order to arrange payment. Once payment is received you’ll have access to the learning platform.

No – all you need is internet on a working device of any kind to participate in our webinars and courses. Webinars are streamed on the Zoom platform and our Kajabi learning platform is a web-based service.

The Dyslexia Decoded course content is suitable for education and allied health professionals working with children who find reading difficult.

Teachers and other education professionals will gain knowledge on how to identify students who may have Dyslexia, where to refer them for diagnosis and how they can provide effective interventions.

This course can support psychologists to gain a better understanding of Dyslexia to aid in diagnosis and to provide practical recommendations in assessment reports.

Speech Pathologists who provide support to children with Dyslexia and other reading difficulties may also benefit from this course.

The ‘Dyslexia Decoded’ introductory online course is suitable for parents. It provides an in-depth guide on Dyslexia that can empower parents and carers with the knowledge to advocate for their child. This information can help you navigate conversations with your child’s school or allied health professionals to find the best support for your child.

Individual licenses can be purchased for the course, which are linked to an individual’s email. The license gives you six months access to the course, including all resources and any updates made to the content.

Each license is for individual use only and is not to be shared.

In the event that a teacher is no longer working at a school, you can request a transfer of this login. The new login will have full access to the 3 hours of teacher professional learning, all resources and ability to participate in the monthly live Q&A.

Multiple discounts are available for schools wishing many teachers to participate in this learning experience. Please email workshops@learninglinks.org.au with your requirements.


A transfer fee of $49.95 will be charged for the replacement login.

Schools can get in touch with us via workshops@learninglinks.org.au to discuss a package of licenses for your school.

We want you to feel completely assured that this is course is right for you and your students, so Learning Links is offering a no-risk money back guarantee.

If you make a genuine attempt to complete the course and attend a live Q&A session, providing us with an opportunity to help you, but still find that the strategies, the sequence, the framework and the library of resources don’t work for you, you will be offered a refund.

We assist you in providing you the below template to cut down your approval process time. It includes all details about Learning Links, our professional development options and a letter template you can use to apply for funding within your organisation.

CLICK HERE to access the approval kit.