Professionals & Schools

How Learning Links supports professionals and schools


Learning Links works in close collaboration with schools, teachers, early childhood settings and allied health professionals to share our 50 years of knowledge, expertise and resources. Our goal is to build the capacity of professionals and schools in their own inclusive practice to support children to build the social, academic and life skills they need to thrive.   

Our team of specialist educators, speech pathologists and psychologists deliver tailored individual and group programs in schools as well as developing and presenting professional development webinars and courses for other professionals in their field. 

Webinars and Workshops

Our professionals offer a range of webinars and workshops to share knowledge and help teachers, psychologists, therapists and other educators provide the best possible support to children and families.

Professional Learning Courses

Our professionals have developed a range of comprehensive online professional learning courses to provide education and allied health professionals with a deeper understanding of different learning difficulties.

Psychologist Registration Program

Our program meets the supervision and placement requirements for registration as a psychologist, as specified by the Psychology Board Australia. PT or FT

School Referrals

If you have identified a student who may require additional support, schools can refer families using our online referral form.

School Programs

We work in close partnership with schools, offering speech therapy, educational support, assessments and psychology services for children in groups, or individually, to address specific learning and development needs.