Westmead Feelings Program

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Program for 7-9 year olds with Autism Spectrum Disorder and mild intellectual disability 

The Westmead Feelings Program is an evidence-based small group intervention program for  children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and mild intellectual disability*, teaching them about emotional understanding and social awareness.

Based on theories of emotional intelligence and emotional competence, the program empowers children to interact and social with their peers in a fun, supportive and understanding environment.

Over the course of the program, children participate in activities that build foundations of emotional awareness, social skills and good mental health, including:

  • Recognising and understanding their own and others’ emotions, eg. happy, sad, worried and angry
  • Developing the skills to understand different perspectives and solve problems
  • Managing their own feelings and behaviour in different settings


The Westmead Feelings Program runs across three school terms and consists of an initial interview with the child and parent, followed by 15 small-group child sessions, 6 parent sessions and a booster session 6 months following program completion. Each session is 1.25 hours, with parents able to attend the last 15 minutes of each session if they wish.

Children and parents both receive a resource pack to support program participation.

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The Westmead Feelings Program is commencing in Term 1 2022. Please contact our Customer Care team for more information. Call 1300 003 900 or click Enquire Now.

*For children to achieve the best possible outcomes in the Westmead Feelings Program, they need to have some verbal communication, be able to draw simple pictures or write a few words and pay attention for at least a few minutes at a time. Please discuss the program’s suitability with our Customer Care team.