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Literacy & Numeracy Tutoring

School can be very challenging for some children, particularly those with learning difficulties and learning disabilities. Learning Links’ team of specialist teachers work collaboratively with families, schools and other professionals to address the road blocks that prevent children from learning.

Educational support classes can help primary and high school children with:

  • Literacy: reading, writing, spelling and comprehension difficulties
  • Numeracy: maths difficulties
  • Study skills and assignment strategies
  • Concentration difficulties
  • Dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD and high functioning autism
  • Working with numbers and worded problems
  • Learning disabilities and difficulties
  • Planning and study time management & organisation skills


A comprehensive screening assessment is an important first step in helping a child who is experiencing learning difficulties. The screening assessment will identify the child’s learning strengths and needs to help recommend appropriate intervention and useful strategies for the home and classroom.

Learning Links also provides a range of formal assessments to determine the educational support that is needed; cognitive (IQ), academic, dyslexia (reading), and dyscalculia (maths).

Literacy & Numeracy Sessions

A range of sessions are available across locations, with an emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills. Children and young people can have individual sessions or group classes (literacy and/or numeracy). Sessions are offered at a variety of times (half hour to two hours) and subject combinations.

Our teachers use a range of teaching resources and strategies to support children to engage in their learning and experience success. Classrooms have access to a variety of technologies including both computers and iPads, providing an opportunity for children to rehearse skills in a supportive and enjoyable way.

We aim to make learning an enjoyable experience for children by incorporating a variety of games to provide valuable opportunities for practice. Revision is usually set each week to consolidate learning and assist your child in mastering literacy and numeracy skills.

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How to Access our Services

Locations: Our services are offered at our Learning Centres in Alexandria, Bella Vista, Gledswood Hills, Liverpool, Maroubra and Peakhurst and may be provided from schools and early childhood settings.

Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday

Call us on 1300 003 900 or click on the button below to enquire.