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Children & Youth

Group Education Programs

Learning Links offers a range of group education programs over the school holiday period.


This 2 day program supports primary school students in constructing complete and meaningful sentences. A range of activities and games are included in the program to make writing sentences fun.

Topics covered in the program include:-

  • Identifying what makes a complete sentence
  • Producing short complete sentences
  • Extending short sentences into interesting longer sentences
  • Including descriptive words in sentences
  • Writing several connected sentences

Following Verbal Instructions

(Years 1-2)

This is a 2 day program for children currently in Years 1 and 2 which will develop an understanding of the specific language used in instructions.

The process of learning to understand and follow directions is much more complicated than we think. We give children long commands with some very confusing vocabulary.

“If you are in the blue group please line up at the door otherwise go and sit on the carpet “ Sometimes one word even means two different things. Look at these two examples; Before you stand up touch your head Stand up before you touch your head. Both of these instructions have the same words but they actually require a different order of actions. Children who have not yet mastered these skills can often stand out in a classroom. They can look as though they are “not listening” or “not doing as they were told” when in actual fact they are confused by the instruction.

This course is developed and run by our speech therapists and will include fun activities, a treasure hunt and a take home resource for each child.


(8-12 Years)

This structured 2 day program develops skills to learn, and manipulate times tables. The focus is on easy and fun ways to learn time tables, and organise mathematical thoughts to correctly and easily solve multiplication and division problems, including worded problems.

Topics covered in the program include:-

  • Understanding the concept of multiplication
  • Counting patterns (2’s, 5’s, 10’s)
  • Identifying tricks for remembering times tables
  • Rehearsing times tables
  • Applying times tables to problem solving activities

Handsome Handwriting

(Years 1-2)

This 2 day program helps children develop their handwriting skills in a fun and supportive environment. We will focus on developing the skills that support handwriting (e.g. self regulation, gross motor, fine motor and visual motor skills) as well as developing fluent handwriting skills.

Topics covered in the program include:-

6-8 years

  • Letter formations
  • Line use
  • Spacing
  • Page organisation

If you would like to be placed on a registration list for upcoming school holiday programs, please click here.

How to Access our Services

Locations: Our services are offered at our Learning Centres in Peakhurst, Oatley, Maroubra and Liverpool and may be provided from schools and early childhood settings.

Days of Operation: Monday to Saturday

Call us on 02 8525 8222 or click on the button below to enquire.