Early Childhood

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The early years are crucial to your child’s development and future. We work with young children who have a developmental delay and are not reaching key milestones from an early age. We offer a full range of specialist services in a one-stop-shop model of care to families through a transdisciplinary team including psychologists, special educators, therapists and counsellors.  Our early intervention services include:


If you feel like your child is experiencing difficulties or not developing typically, a comprehensive assessment is an important first step in helping your child. The assessment will identify the child’s learning strengths and needs, their preferred learning style, appropriate intervention and useful strategies for the home and classroom.  We offer a range of assessments including cognitive, speech, occupational therapy, behavioural and autism.  Read more

Occupational Therapy:

Helps children become independent by reviewing their play, feeding, dressing, toileting, bathing and hand skills. We also look at the child’s coordination, posture and sensory processing.
The aim is to help your child participate fully in the things they do every day and to involve parents in learning about the development of their child.  Read more

Speech Therapy:

Helps children with issues concerning eating, drinking, language and listening skills and social interaction.When a child has a delay in development, speech and language are frequently affected. A speech pathologist is often a key team member working with that child and their family. Even before talking starts, speech pathologists look at how a child communicates, and, together with the family, explores way to make communicating enjoyable and rewarding.  Read more

Psychology program:

The Psychology program provides evidence-based, psychological interventions for children and families with social, emotional and behavioural issues.  Learning Links offers clinic-based or home-based support provided individually or via group programs. Consultation with other services your child receives can also be provided.  Read more


Learning Links runs a community based preschool in Peakhurst in Sydney’s South. It is a unique inclusive program where children of all abilities priticpate in the same routines and play experiences. Our transdisciplinary team of staff recognise children as distinct individuals with unique strengths, interests and needs.  Read more

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