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By Renee Irving-Lee, Children's Book Author  © 2018 Learning LinksMany parents are no strangers to the dreaded afterschool meltdown.  The temper tantrums, fighting, uncontrollable crying, emotional exhaustion, refusal to follow Read more

Original article published on TIMMS & PIRLSFifty countries from around the world participated in the PIRLS 2016 international assessment of reading comprehension at the fourth grade, and in every country there was a wide range of reading achievement from basic skills to advanced comprehension. The Read more

Written by Catherine Wade, Principal Research Specialist, Parenting Research CentreMore than half of children under two and nearly half of children aged three to five are not being read to every day at home.The recently Read more

Written by Rebecca English, Lecturer in Education, Queensland University of TechnologyThere are so many ways to raise your Read more

Written by Jennie Hudson  Professor in Psychology, Macquarie University Children are going back to school soon and, for many, it may be a time of change. Maybe it is your child’s first year of school, their first year of high school, or maybe Read more

By Katherine McFarlane, Registered PsychologistWhat is resilience?Resilience is a subject that parents often ask about particularly when their child struggles with school, self-esteem or friendships issues. This article will explore the factors which need to be present to allow resilience to develop and strategies for parents and carers.Resilience is Read more

Mayor of The Hills Shire, Councillor Yvonne Keane has been announced the very first ambassador of Learning Links.“Learning Links is an amazing organisation working hand-in-hand with schools, children’s centres and families to provide vital and life-changing early intervention for children with learning difficulties and disabilities," Mayor Keane said.“Up to 15 per cent of children Read more

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