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by Dr Samantha Hornery, Education Manager

It’s so important to be prepared for a parent-teacher interview. It’s usually a short period of time and the meeting can fly by before you’ve had a chance to ask any real questions about your child to truly understand how they’re going at school and coping with class work.

Here are our suggestions for some key questions to ask your child’s teacher/s, so you can get most out of the meeting.

Parent-Teacher Interview Questions:

1. How is my child enjoying your class?

You know what your child’s attitude towards school is when they are getting ready in the morning and coming home in the afternoon, but how are they feeling in all that time in between?

2. Does my child finish the work you’re setting in class?

Listen out for any signs that your child is having trouble starting their work, staying on task or finishing the work. These can all be a sign that your child is having difficulty with some aspect of their learning. It may be that the work is too hard for them or they are having trouble understanding the instructions their teacher is giving them.

3. Do they ask you questions when they’re stuck?

This can provide insight into the relationship between your child and their teacher as well as confidence, motivation and perseverance in learning.

4. What have been their successes in your class so far?

While you may be concerned about where your child is having difficulty, learning about your child’s successes can help you learn more about them so you can nurture their strengths and interests.

5. Where are you concerned about them and what are the next steps for this?

This can help you gain more insight into whether your child is having difficulty with their learning, behaviour or social skills, and find out where you can go for additional support.


Download and print our parent-teacher interview question sheet so you can feel prepared in your meeting. We’ve included some space for you to add your own questions specific to your child.

Download question sheet