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Your Guide to Identifying and Supporting Students with Dyslexia

Reading difficulties can affect every aspect of a child’s learning so it’s important to identify struggling readers and put the right strategies in place as early as possible.

This course provides all the information you need to start providing support for the most common learning difficulty – Dyslexia.

About the Course

This introductory course, part of our Dyslexia Decoded Suite, provides you with a comprehensive understanding of Dyslexia so you can provide the most effective support to students who find reading difficult. When you complete this course, you will feel empowered to screen your students’ reading skills, identify struggling readers and make confident decisions about the supports and accommodations you can put in place to help them read alongside their classmates. 

When you put your learning into practice, you’ll provide each student with an opportunity to learn to read with more enjoyment and less cognitive overload.

What You’ll Learn

  • What Dyslexia is and isn’t 
  • How Dyslexia is diagnosed and whether a diagnosis is needed 
  • How to identify the signs of Dyslexia and other causes for reading difficulties 
  • How to identify the starting point for your reading intervention
  • How to confidently select the most effective tools and resources for your students’ needs  
  • What to do when your reading interventions aren’t working as expected
  • The myths surrounding Dyslexia support


This self-guided professional learning course equips you with practical resources to identify and support students with Dyslexia or reading difficulties.

  • 3+ hours of video training: build on your knowledge and skills with 27 short video lessons
  • Checklists and Guides: select the most appropriate interventions and accommodations based on the student’s needs
  • 58-page Reflection Guide: apply your learning with reflection prompts and planning activities
  • Q&A: get advice and support directly from our experts
  • Course certificate: recognise your learning with self-identified professional learning hours
Samantha Hornery Headshot

Course Developer

Dr Samantha Hornery

Samantha is a primary school and special education teacher with over 20 years’ experience, and has gained a PhD in Dyslexia Interventions. She is dedicated to providing evidence-based practice and has spent her career empowering children who have difficulties learning to succeed at school.