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Brick-by-Brick Facilitator Training

Facilitator Training for Professionals

Interacting and communicating effectively with peers and in the school environment is so crucial for a child’s ability to learn, participating meaningfully in activities, problem solve, build connections with others and maintain positive mental health and wellbeing.

That’s why Learning Links is proud to be working in partnership with Play Included to bring the internationally acclaimed Brick-by-Brick® program to more children in Australia by offering high-quality facilitator training to education and allied health professionals.

About the Brick-by-Brick® Program

Play Included’s Brick-by-Brick® program is the most up to date thinking in LEGO® based therapy, supporting neurodivergent children to enjoy positive, meaningful social experiences in an understanding, supportive and playful environment. It is the only program in the field of LEGO based therapy that is offically endorsed by the LEGO Foundation.

Run by trained facilitators, Brick Club (as it’s known to children) supports its participants to collaborate, communicate, problem-solve and share fun experiences all through collaborative LEGO® play.

The program supports social and emotional wellbeing for young people, aged from preschool to adolescents who enjoy building LEGO models. It was originally developed with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in mind and can also be beneficial in supporting ADHD, anxiety and social difficulties. The strategies can be adapted to a wide range of ages, strengths and needs.

Brick Club groups run by allied health professionals can support NDIS participants under the ‘Improved Daily Living’ category.

Brick-by-Brick® Facilitator Training

Play Included has developed a training pathway for professionals wishing to deliver the Brick-by-Brick® program in Australia and help their clients or students benefit from LEGO based therapy.

There are different levels of training for professionals to complete prior to running their own Brick Clubs:

More advanced training can also be provided by Play Included following these training opportunities.

Training is suitable for allied health and education professionals, including psychologists, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, teachers, social workers, counsellors, play therapists and other mental health professionals.

See below for more detailed information on the courses.

Why Choose Play Included and Learning Links as Your Training Providers?

Play Included was founded on the belief that every child has the right to grow in their own way. The team is passionate about inclusion and quality play experiences for all children, especially neurodivergent children. The organisation is a LEGO Foundation partner, striving to deliver high quality professional training to support as many children as possible around the world.

Brick-by-Brick® is the original program and the only course endorsed by the LEGO Foundation. Training is:

  • Neurodiversity affirming, with a whole module in the Initiate course written by our neurodivergent consultants.
  • Fun, engaging and inspirational, with high quality videos, interactive activities, playful quizzes and short, easily digestible modules.
  • Comprehensive, to ensure you deepen your skills and knowledge. By developing your playful facilitation skills, you will be able to offer the best experiences and outcomes for children.
  • Supported by a Play Included Membership that offers you ongoing support and access to excellent resources to support the delivery of the program (membership is free for the first 12 months then will be payable via an annual subscription).

Learning Links has been empowering children with learning difficulties and disabilities to learn, develop and thrive through a range of evidence-based programs for over 50 years. Our team is incredibly passionate about supporting social and emotional skill development and has several years of experience running the Brick-by-Brick® program with children with a diverse range of strengths and needs.

The team at Learning Links has an extensive and high-quality professional development program that reaches professionals across Australia. Our goal is to share our experience and multidisciplinary expertise with others we can support as many children and adolescents as possible to learn and thrive at school.

Pathway to Becoming a Brick-by-Brick® Group Facilitator

The Foundations

You start your facilitator journey with the Level 01 Initiate introductory eLearning course with Play Included. This self-paced training provides the background and introduction you need to understand the foundations of the Brick-by-Brick® program. Its interactive format includes videos, examples, quizzes, reflection and play.

The course is suitable for allied health and education professionals.


After completing the course, you will become a Play Included Member at the Initiate level providing access for online Q&A session, electronic resources and the Facilitation community of practice.

You will receive a certificate of completion and you will be able to progress to the face-to-face Level 02 Facilitator training course with Learning Links to put your learning into practice.


The Play Included Level 01 Initiate online training course is $462.

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Practical Immersion

Once you have completed the Level 01 Initiate course with Play Included, you will be able to progress to become a recognised Brick-by-Brick® Facilitator by participating in the face-to-face Level 02 Facilitator training, delivered by Learning Links in Australia.

This more advanced, interactive workshop enables you to build the understanding, tools and practical experience to confidently deliver Brick Clubs of your own. In the full day workshop, you will learn through play and enhance the knowledge you gained from the Level 01 Initiate course.

You will try out Brick Club activities, develop your understanding of playful facilitation and workshop various group scenarios with support from a Learning Links trainer. It’s a great chance to learn together with colleagues, sharing ideas and inspiration. 


You’ll come out of the Level 02 training with a greater understanding of the practical applicaton of the Brick-by-Brick® program stategies and confidence in your role as a group facilitator.

Attendance at the full day training course enables you to call yourself a recognised Brick-by-Brick® Facilitator. You will progress to Level 02 Play Included Membership and gain access to a range of additional resources to support your delivery of Brick Clubs, including:

  • Access to online Q and A sessions
  • Electronic resources to use in Brick Clubs
  • Electronic resources to support Facilitation
  • Access to Facilitator’s community of practice
  • Listed on Play Included’s Register of Practitioners

Please note: Membership is free for the first 12 months then will be payable via an annual subscription.


The full day Level 02 Facilitator Course with Learning Links is $599.

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More Information

For more information about Level 01 Intitiate training, please contact Play Included.

For more information about Level 02 Facilitator training, including group bookings, please contact

For more information about Brick Club groups currently running for children, visit our social skills programs page.