Mastering Multiplication Facts Course

Mastering Multiplication Facts online course

Mastering Multiplication Facts

Learning Links’ new ‘Mastering Multiplication Facts’ online teacher professional learning course provides a strategic way to teach multiplication facts to students with more structure, more enjoyment and less cognitive overload.

Do you have students in your class that struggle to understand or recall multiplication facts, even after months (or years!) of practice?

Are some of your students disengaging when you even bring up multiplication?

Have you noticed that students’ confidence and self-esteem is being affected by their lack of fluency with multiplication facts?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then this is the perfect professional learning resource for you!

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Who is it suitable for?

The material in the ‘Mastering Multiplication Facts’ teacher professional learning course has been designed for:

  • Teachers teaching multiplication facts for the first time and want to be as effective as possible
  • Teachers who have already been teaching multiplication facts but still have students struggling the recall them fluently
  • Teachers who have moved on from times tables but can see that the lack of mastery in this area is affecting your students’ confidence and success in mathematics

The course is designed to support your ongoing learning and accreditation needs.

What’s included in the course?

The comprehensive course includes:

  • Eight self-guided maths professional learning modules, providing systematic and explicit teaching strategies (see below for the full outline)
  • Over three hours of video training – broken into bite size pieces to consume in either short lessons or full modules
  • An extensive workbook, to provide prompts for key learnings and space for notes and lesson planning
  • A vast array of resources suitable for printing or use on screen for groups or the whole class

You’ll also be invited to attend monthly live Q&A sessions with Lizzie Davis and Dr Samantha Hornery, providing an opportunity for you to discuss the course content, ask questions specific to your students or setting, and get the most out of the material.

How much is the course?

The self-guided online course, including all resources and live Q&A support is $297.00.

This gives you lifetime access to the content, including any updates.

Course Developers

Lizzie Davis

Lizzie Davis

Lizzie has a Masters in Special Education, School Improvement and Design and has worked as a primary school teacher in a range of school systems and settings for the last 20 years. She is passionate about breaking barriers that limit learning and is committed to providing high-quality, evidence-based and practical professional learning to colleagues.

Samantha Hornery

Dr Samantha Hornery

Samantha is a primary school and special education teacher with over 20 years’ experience, and has gained a PhD in Dyslexia Interventions. She is dedicated to providing evidence-based practice and has spent her career empowering children who have difficulties learning to succeed at school.

Mastering Multiplication Course Outline

Module 1

Module 1

1.1 Framing Multiplication

1.2 Sequence, Fluency and Our Framework

1.3 Multiplicative Thinking and Retrieval Practice

1.4 Equipment, and You’re in a Safe Place

Module 2

Module 2

2.1 Foundation Skills and Individual Needs

2.2 Terminology and Symbolism

2.3 Multiplication Principles

2.4 Routines for Consolidating Learning

2.5 Division Introduction

2.6 Teaching Sequence

2.7 Practice Resources

Module 3

Module 3

3.1 Make It, Draw It, Explain It, Write It

3.2 The 2x Facts

3.3 Supporting Strategies

3.4 Division and Assessing Mastery

Module 4

Module 4

4.1 10x Multiplication Facts

3.2 Division by 10

3.3 5x Multiplication and Division

Module 5

Module 5

5.1 1x Multiplication Facts

5.2 0x Multiplication Facts

5.3 Square Numbers

Module 6

Module 6

6.1 3x Multiplication Facts

6.2 4x Multiplication Facts

6.3 6x Multiplication Facts

6.4 9x Multiplication Facts

6.5 7x, 8x Multiplication Facts

Module 7

Module 7

7.1 Support for Students

7.2 Extension

7.3 Frequently Asked Questions

Module 8

Module 8

8.1 Learning Difficulties Impacting Acquisition of Maths Skills

The course supports:

1.2 Understand how students learn

2.5 Literacy and numeracy strategies

3.2 Plan, structure and sequence learning programs


Additionally if you access the monthly live Q&A this supports:

6.4 Apply professional learning and improve student learning


At the completion of Module 8 a statement of professional learning standards will be supplied.

Live Zoom Q&A sessions will be run with Lizzie Davis and Dr Samantha Hornery on the last Monday of each month at 4pm.

Course participants will be sent links to register for each session.

The sessions will provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, provide feedback, gain clarification and test ideas with us.

Individual licenses can be purchased for the course, which are linked to an individual’s email. The license gives you unlimited access to the course, including all resources and any updates made to the content.

Each license is for individual use only and is not to be shared.

In the event that a teacher is no longer working at a school, the you can request a transfer of this login. The new login will have full access to the 3 hours of teacher professional learning, all resources and ability to participate in the monthly live Q&A.

A transfer fee of $49.95 will be charged for the replacement login.

Schools can get in touch with us via to discuss a package of licenses for your school.

We want you to feel feel completely assured that this is course is right for you and your students, so Learning Links is offering a no-risk money back guarantee.

If you make a genuine attempt to complete the course and attend a live Q&A session and provide us with an opportunity to help you, but still find that the strategies, the sequence, the framework and the library of resources don’t work for you, you will be offered a refund.