What is Emotional Co-Regulation and why is it important? Emotional co-regulation is an interactive process where parents, teachers or caregivers work together with children to help them manage their emotions. It starts in early childhood and lasts a lifetime. In this process, children learn to better respond to stressful situations and communicate their needs with Read more

If you are new to navigating the NDIS, it can be confusing. There are lots of different things to consider. We have created a practical guide that answers the most common questions about the scheme and supports your understanding and confidence in knowing how to apply for the NDIS.   What is the NDIS? The NDIS is the Australian National Disability Insurance Read more

Starting preschool, kindergarten or a new primary school is a very exciting time but it can cause anxiety for some children. Separation anxiety is very common at these junctures, especially when children haven’t yet been apart from their parents for long stretches of time during the day. The signs of separation anxiety Be aware that some level of anxiety is Read more

Transitioning from preschool to ‘big’ school is an important milestone for any child, as well as for the whole family. Starting school is a time of excitement and enjoyment, but for some it can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. As parents or carers, this transition can cause mixed feelings as another adult takes on a primary care role for your child, and your child takes another important Read more

Often children with learning difficulties become aware of their struggles with schoolwork from a young age. If they are not aware that they have a learning difficulty, their struggles with reading, writing and maths can cause them to feel less smart than their peers, which can leave them prone to developing low self-esteem, anxiety and isolation. As a parent, you can help prevent feelings of Read more

Learning to play inclusively is crucial to your child’s physical, social, and emotional development. Playing with others can help your child to build social skills, confidence, independence, and resilience. Read more

Keeping kids focused at the end of the year is a challenge. Holidays, warmer weather and the exciting things that come with the year closing out can become quite Read more

The signs of ADHD in girls can look very different to Read more