Talking with your child

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Using these strategies can help your child develop their language skills.

your child and get down to their level, e.g. on the floor or at the table.

and follow their interests. Join in with what they’re doing or talking about.

for your child to do or say something first (a sound, word or action). Then respond to them.

what your child does and wait for them to copy you. You could copy their sounds (e.g. “brmm brmm!”), words (e.g. “splash!”) or actions (e.g. jumping up & down).

your child a word to match what they are looking at, doing or asking, e.g. “You’re jumping very high” or “More milk?”.

lots of different words, like names of things (e.g. “ball”), actions (e.g. “throw!”) and describing words (e.g. “big” and “heavy”). You can repeat words to help your child learn them.

one or more words to what your child has said, e.g. child: “Pop!”; adult: “Pop the bubble!”

your child what you are talking about, e.g. when going in the car, show them the keys and say “We’re going in the car”.