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Parents, children and homework are a combustible combination at best, but when the child has a learning disability, the situation becomes explosive. Parents feel caught between the school’s demands and the child’s needs. They worry about grades and school progress but also about damaging family relationships with nightly battles.Of course, because every child and family is unique, one Read more

1. What is dyslexia?Dyslexia is difficulty with reading accurately and fluently and can also be accompanied by spelling difficulties. Over the last forty years there have been numerous definitions, but they all have common elements: neurobiological basis, difficulties in phonological applications to reading, and difficulties in fluent and accurate reading. The Diagnostic Read more

Children who are given time to share books from a young age can have stronger language skills when they start school.Find a place where you can share a book and see your child’s face.Look at what your child is interested in. Let them show you what they want to do, e.g. they might want to hold the book or turn the pages.Wait for your child to do or say something and then respond to Read more

Learning to read is closely linked with language growth and the best way to develop your child’s language and reading abilities is to develop an interest and a positive attitude to reading in a relaxed home environment.It is important not to place any demands on a child to develop any specific reading skills prior to entering school. At first we are most concerned with developing a positive Read more

Adults like reading groups - meeting to talk about a book, eat sticky buns and gossip. Kids love them even more. A book group is a party, but a party with a purpose - the sort of party you remember long after any memory of jumping castles has faded.Book Groups for Littlies (three months - school)It doesn't matter how young kids are - they will still Read more

School can be very challenging for some children, particularly those with learning difficulties and learning disabilities. Learning Links' team of specialist teachers work collaboratively with families, schools and other professionals to address the road blocks that prevent children from learning.Educational support classes can help primary and high school children with:Read more

How we can support your school As a not-for-profit charitable organisation with over 40 years experience in helping kids learn Learning Links can assist your school to effectively support children, young people and their families to overcome learning difficulties. We work collaboratively with your school, to help children and young people learn and reach their full Read more