At Learning Links, we empower children every day to build foundation skills for reading and spelling. So if you have students who are struggling with their literacy skills, we can help you better understand what the problem may be, so you can put the most appropriate interventions in place. Our Dyslexia webinar gives a great overview of exactly what Dyslexia is, what other challenges to Read more

Across 2020 Learning Links was able to offer 652 children, teaches and families online digital programs and Read more

It is undeniable that reading is important for a child’s development. It builds so many Read more

Online specialist tutoring is a great support service that works exactly like face-to-face tutoring but you and your Read more

By Grace Adams, Speech Pathologist You may hear the terms  expressive and receptive language skills in relation to children's speech and language development. Expressive language is the ability to request objects, make choices, ask and answer questions and describe events, using verbal and non-verbal language, writing and vocalisations. Receptive language skills refers to the Read more

Reading for Life The Reading for Life home program is an initiative to support parents and carers to deliver 15 specially designed reading sessions to help their child build important literacy skills - suitable for children in Primary School Grades 1 to 4. The program is currently being offered for FREE to Read more

This week, The OECD Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results for 2018 were released. This global study of more than half a million 15-year-olds around the world measures the ability for students to use their reading, mathematics and science knowledge and skills to meet real-life challenges. Australia’s results are a cause for concern. Since we started participating in Read more

Receiving your child's mid-year school report can be quite nerve-wracking if you know they've had some challenges during the first half of the year. Regardless of their results, the important thing with any report or assessment is to: Look for the effort – this is what makes learning and progress possible. Find the strengths in the report, there will be areas working Read more