By Renee Irving-Lee, Children’s Book Author © 2019 Learning LinksIt's homework time again and there’s nothing but tears, refusal, arguments, tantrums, meltdowns or complete avoidance and procrastination. Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Why does homework have to be such an epic battle every night?Sound familiar?Homework can be challenging, difficult and down-right painful in some households, Read more

There are a variety of things that may indicate that your child might be struggling at school.  Behavioural problems, inability to follow instructions or avoiding taking part in activities are just some of the clues that might point to a learning difficulty.A child with a learning difficulty typically has an average to above average IQ but is reading at least 18 months below their Read more

One of the most common concerns raised by families in Educational Support is about the amount of and time taken to complete homework. Homework is often a source of frustration for children, families and teachers.Advice for Negotiating a Homework DealEarly in the new school year arrange a time to meet with your child’s teacher. Although many schools hold a meet the Read more

The completion of homework is an issue in many families with parents having difficulty getting their children to initiate and complete homework. However, before we endeavour to provide you with guidelines to do so, there are some important issues to be aware of.Homework ought to be a purposeful learning experience directly related to the work done in the classroom. It should be interesting Read more