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Children & Youth

School Readiness

Countdown to Kindergarten

Countdown to Kindergarten is a school transition program

that has been developed for children who may require some additional preparation for the routines and early learning skills required for kindergarten. Research reports a link between a successful school beginning and ongoing positive outcomes both academically and socially for children.

  • Social SkillsWorking in a group, developing friendship skills, taking turns, raising hands.
  • Talking & Listening Skills: Listening, following directions, news-telling skills, early language concepts.
  • Fine Motor Skills: Early pencil movements, cutting, pasting, opening lunchboxes, tying shoelaces and dressing skills.
  • Early Learning Skills: Listening and responding to stories, beginning to recognise letters, numbers, shapes and colours.

Beginning school is an exciting time for children and their parents. The Countdown to Kindergarten Program is designed to support school readiness skills in a small group environment facilitated by a teacher.


  • Weekly one hour sessions over a 10 week program
  • Small group environment

School Readiness Assessments

Knowing whether your child is ready to go to school creates anxiety in families and many parents will ask the question

‘Is my child ready to start school?’

Not only must children be developmentally ready for the transition, they must also possess adequate social and emotional skills to support them to successfully develop friendships with their peers and be relaxed and ready to learn. Learning Links understands these challenges that parents commonly face and can help you make an informed decision for your child based on their individual needs through our School Readiness Assessment.


This Assessment is undertaken the year before the child is due to start school and is used to determine if a child is intellectually and emotionally ready for primary school.

School Readiness Assessment includes:

  • Review of your child’s cognitive, social, family and emotional history via a parent interview.
  • Review of prior reports including preschool portfolio.
  • Standardised cognitive (intelligence) test.
  • Behavioural observation during the assessment.
  • Detailed assessment report.
  • Recommendations for school and home.
  • Feedback to answer all your questions.


  • An assessment with the child and their parent(s)/carer(s).
  • Facilitated by a registered psychologist.
  • Cost $505.