Early Childhood Resources

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Here at Learning Links we are committed to helping all children reach their full potential and we understand the importance of supporting development in a child’s early years. All children are unique and develop at their own pace.

We have put together a selection of videos created by experts and professionals who work with children in the younger years: Early Childhood Teachers, Occupational Therapists and Speech Pathologists on topics related to different aspects of early childhood development. These early childhood resources are designed to help you better support your child’s development.

5 Budget Friendly Educational Toys

Speech Pathologist, Pip Su, will help you discover some fantastic educational toys that you already have in your home.

Getting Ready for Toilet Training

Toilet Training – is my child ready? In this video, Occupational Therapist Stephanie will help you looks for the signs that your child is ready for toilet training and well as some practical strategies and tips for starting toilet training with your child.

Raising Bilingual Children

In this video, Speech Pathologist, Pip Su, will give you an overview of what Bilingualism and explore some strategies to best support the development of your child’s language skills in both languages, and what you can do if you have any concerns about your child’s speech and language development.



Managing Separation Anxiety

Managing Separation Anxiety outlines practical strategies and tips that may help your child if you suspect they are experiencing separation anxiety and when and where to seek professional help. This video is presented by Belinda Afonso, Early Childhood Teacher and Preschool Director.

Early Language Development

In this video, our Speech Pathologist, Penny Toscano, will talk about language development in the early years, from birth to 2 years of age. She will outline some simple strategies that you can try at home that will support the development of your child’s language skills.

Visual Communication Strategies

Join our Speech Pathologist, Karen Quine, as she takes you through what is Total Communication and visuals, why this approach is useful and beneficial for all children, and how to use visuals to support your child’s communication.

Sensory Processing

In this video, our Occupational Therapist, Stephanie, will give you an overview of sensory processing – how our bodies interpret information from our senses, and what differences in sensory processing may look like for the child who may be under or over responsive to different sensory inputs.

Maths is Everywhere

Join our Early Childhood Teacher, Coco Lo, who will talk about ways to expose your child to maths concepts in everyday life, and simple activities that you can do at home to promote the development of early mathematical concepts.