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Children & Youth

Psychological Therapy

Some children struggle with emotional and social development which can impact on learning and friendships. Our psychologists work with children and families using evidence-based therapies to address concerns such as:

  • Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem
  • Poor social skills
  • AD/HD and difficulties making transitions
  • Dealing with family separation and divorce

We utilise a number of evidence-based therapies including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Brief Solutions and play therapy to help build resilience and confidence.  Learning Links offers centre-based support provided individually or via group programs.

Our team also works closely with early childhood settings and schools to deliver specialist individual and group programs to support children’s social emotional well-being. This can be facilitated by both registered and provisionally registered psychologists, with specialist interventions targeting areas such as anxiety, depression, social skills and interactions and anger management.

A referral from your GP is required if seeking to claim medicare rebates through the Better Access to Mental Health Care program.

We may also offer services to parents as required

We assist families with:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Parenting issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress

If your child has a disability or delay in development, you may be able to access psychology services through a program that is funded by the government, either fully or in part.

Psychologists at Learning Links are registered for private health fund rebates and Medicare for the Chronic Disease Management Plan (formally EPC), NDIS and Better Access to Mental Health Care