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Aggie Markus – Client Co-ordinator

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The Client Coordinator role is a new one at Learning Links. Can you tell us a bit about what is involved in this position at Learning Links?

The focus of this position is to be an initial contact point for parents and families and assist and guide them into the right service area to support their needs. Often I am the first person that parents talk to so my aim is to always make this experience a positive one, where they feel welcome.

Can you tell us a bit about your previous work as a Learning and Development Coordinator and how this experience is helping you in your new role at Learning Links?

My previous role required building strong relationships with key stakeholders both internally and externally and to channel the organisations strategic direction at a ground level. I often assisted teams and individuals to work towards goals that provided amazing personal and professional outcomes. I feel I am able to adapt this to my role at Learning Links by assisting families in achieving invaluable outcomes through the work that the professionals at Learning Links do with the families.

What is your experience of working with the families and children who attend Learning Links?

So far I have had the opportunity to talk with a variety of different families, with a broad range of concerns from different backgrounds and walks of life. It is quite rewarding to be able to offer them the spectrum of services at Learning Links and hear the relief in their voice knowing that Learning Links is able to support their needs. The families have been lovely to deal with, and despite the challenging hurdles they face with their children, they are always inspiring in their approach to sourcing solutions and I feel privileged to be able to draw from their strength.

What skills do you bring to your position as Client Coordinator at Learning Links?

I am naturally a calm, warm and friendly person who is able to adapt to different personalities and situations. Being an active and attentive listener allows parents and families to feel that their issues are being heard and then guided to the best possible professional that can assist them.

What is the most enjoyable part of your role so far at Learning Links?

Being able to work with highly professional, dedicated and passionate people who genuinely care about providing a service with the best outcomes for the children and their families. All the staff and volunteers at Learning Links bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that enables families to feel confident that they are in the best hands. It is an inspirational environment and joy to be part of the team.