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Application & Interview Tips

Your application

At Learning Links we ask you to address a set of selection criteria for the position. Generally, such statements are too long to fit into either your letter or your resume, so in this situation, it is recommended that your application consist of three documents:

  • a short covering letter
  • a response to the selection criteria
  • a resume

The STAR method is useful for completing online forms, addressing selection criteria or preparing for interview questions where they ask you to give examples from your past.

Situtation: set the context for the

Task: what you were required to do

Action/Approach: what you did to solve the problem

Result: how others involved reacted to your actions, recognised your contribution

Interview Tips

Within the pressure of the interview environment, using the STAR method will enable you to state all of the necessary details for the interviewers to assess your real strengths and experiences that they are seeking. It will also ensure that you provide a well-structured answer with a beginning, middle and end.

So remember when giving examples:

  • Describe the context or situation
  • Talk about what actions/tasks you undertook
  • How did others respond to your actions/What was the result of your actions?
  • What did you learn from these experiences and how will this be useful within their setting

Some common interview questions

… Why should I consider you a strong applicant for this position?

… What interests you most about this position and organisation?

… What do you know about us and our industry?

… What do you see as your strengths as an employee?

… Tell us how you work under pressure?

… Do you prefer to work with others, or by yourself?

… What aspects of the job that I have described appeal to you the least? Why?

… Tell me about a difficult situation you have faced? How did you cope?

… Have you ever been responsible for initiating a new idea or work practice?

… What does the word success mean to you?

… What are the major things you have learned from your working experiences?

… What are the major things you look for in choosing a job?

… What do you think your weaknesses, or areas for development, might be?