Education Support Terms and Conditions

Thank you for being a part of Learning Links’ Education Support program. Please see below for full terms and conditions of the program.


Clients are encouraged to become members of Learning Links by paying an annual membership fee of $20 (including GST) at your child’s first session.  Membership entitles you to the Member fees quoted at the time of booking, Non-member fees are 10% higher for each service accessed. Membership must be paid on the first session for the reduced fees to apply.

This membership fee is per family, regardless of the number of children and/or services with Learning Links


Fees are payable for each session at Learning Links and must be paid at the time of service. Fees cannot fall into arrears. Cancelled sessions cannot be made up at a later date. This is necessary as staff time and resources have been allocated based on your child’s regular attendance.

Fees must be paid each session for the full period of enrolment. Outstanding balances owed from previous sessions must be paid prior to any further payments for your child to continue in the program. Each payment made will be applied to the oldest outstanding amount.

If your fees remain unpaid your child’s enrolment will be discontinued.

Payment Methods

Preferred payment methods are Direct Debit or Eftpos.

  • For Direct Debit a separate form must be completed
  • For sessions held at schools and online, payment must be via Direct Debit only.

Other options we may agree to are:

  • Bank Transfers – use (Account Name: Learning Links, BSB: 032261, Account No: 100946, Child’s name as reference)

An Invoice will be provided after receipt of a payment, upon request.

Payment Difficulties

Clients are required to contact the Education Manager immediately if they are experiencing difficulty with the payment of fees. If your account is in arrears by two (2) weeks, your child’s continued enrolment with Learning Links will be jeopardised.

Cancellation Fees and Absences

If you are unable to attend your booked session for any reason, a cancellation fee may apply.

Cancellation and absence fees apply to:

  • Services at our Learning Links centres
  • Individual services delivered at your child’s school
  • Online Services

For online sessions, if you or your child are not present in the session, the professional will attempt to contact you for the first 15 minutes of the session and if there is no attendance, the standard cancellation fees will apply.

In the event there are technology difficulties prior to or during the session from either party, the professional will contact parents/carers via the telephone and complete the session. Standard charges will still apply.

Cancellation Fees

You are entitled to one reduced cancellation fee per term, per service, where you have been unable to attend a session either at a centre, online or a school. These are charged at:

  • $25 for a 30 minute session
  • $35 for a 45 minute session
  • $35 for 60 minute session

The full scheduled fee applies to all other cancellations during the term.

These fees apply regardless of the notice given to cancel a session. Please note the reduced cancellation fees cannot be carried forward to another term.

Missed appointments

In the event of two (2) unexplained consecutive absences, Learning Links will contact the client to determine if the service is still required. If not contact is made with Learning Links, you will be exited from the service.

Third Party Debt Collection Fees

In the event of the Customer being in default of their obligation to pay outstanding fees, the overdue account is then referred to a debt collection agency, and/or law firm for collection. All fees incurred by Learning Links for collection of the debt will be referred to the Customer. The Customer shall be liable to pay as a liquidated debt the commission payable by the Supplier for all collection fees and or commissions.

Online Services

  • Clients must have access to the following technology/environment in order to participate in online services:
    • Access to a laptop or desktop computer – iPads can be used but have limited functionality
    • A webcam and microphone
    • A stable internet connection (hotspots to mobile phones are generally not stable)
    • A quiet room/space
  • Clients will not rely on Learning Links to have or provide any technical information regarding Zoom.
  • Clients must be available to support their child during the online service and if their child is 12 years and under a parent/guardian must be at home during the session.
  • No recording, screenshots or copies of images will occur during live video without written consent by either Learning Links or the client.
  • Clients will maintain confidentiality and not share their Zoom appointment link or password with anyone unauthorised to attend the appointment.
  • Clients will not engage in offensive, abusive, threatening or unlawful behaviour while receiving online services.
  • Learning Links takes all steps to maintain the confidentiality and privacy of sessions and advise clients of any confidentiality concerns limited by the level of security of the technology.
  • Learning Links accesses secure platforms including end to end encryption for video calls however clients are aware that there are potential risks to this technology, including interruptions, unauthorised access, and technical difficulties and Learning Links cannot guarantee total protection.
  • At all times Learning Links adheres to our Privacy Policy.
  • Standard cancellation fees apply to online/telehealth services.

Leaving the Service

Two week’s written notice must be given to exit services. If two weeks’ notice is not provided, standard cancellation fees will apply for the two weeks.


Learning Links would like to thank you for your support and custom. As a not-for-profit organisation, it is essential that all accounts are paid in a timely manner when due to ensure that we can continue providing valuable services to children and families.

If you have any questions please contact us on 1300 003 900.